Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Best Areas To Stay in Malta – Guide for all Types of Travellers

If you are planning a trip or vacation in Malta and wondering what are the best areas to stay, look no further. This is an insider guide to all the best areas to stay in Malta whatever type of traveller you are.

Malta is a seriously small country. You can drive from one end to the other in 2 hours and you will never pay more than €25 for Uber. Unless you drive around the country several times.

Still, choosing the right area to stay in Malta can be crucial, especially if you are only spending a few days in the country. So if you have questions, I am here to answer them. Whatever your travel needs are, I will list all the best areas in Malta based on what type of traveller you are to make your stay more enjoyable. Because there is no question that you will love it!

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers


I have lived in Malta for 3 years and have been to every single town I recommend or describe here. I have also lived in 3 of them. I can be a bit biased and opinionated at times, so please forgive me. Anyone who has lived in Malta for more than 6 months has a very strong opinion about this country. But most of the time, I will tell you that I love it. And I will mean it. Also, I will try to straighten up some of the advice and descriptions I have read on the web that I disagree with or that I think are just plain wrong. As always, I am open to debate.

So why is it important to choose a good area to stay in Malta and is there a big difference?

You will be surprised to hear that, but yes, there is.

A wrong choice can mean that you are staying in a busy, always under-construction place full of party places instead of a family-friendly resort. In Malta, there is something for everyone. And I mean that. Luxury hotels with rooftop infinity pools, party districts, remote vineyards, beach resorts and beach camping grounds full of locals. Towns full of history and landmarks, and some of the highest cliffs in Europe where no one lives. Obviously. The countryside, hidden rocky beaches, shopping areas and a party strip. Which one is your choice?

Not sure? Do not worry, I will help you decide.

To help you navigate, I’ll start by answering all your burning questions about where to stay in Malta, depending on what type of traveller you are. Whether you are a solo budget traveller, a family, or looking for the best beaches, – this is where you’ll find your answer.

I will then give a brief overview of each location including pros, cons and accommodation recommendations.

Where to Stay in Malta (Ss Per Travel Style)

Top 3 Best Areas to Stay in Malta (Most Popular)

The top 3 most booked and most popular locations in Malta are Valletta, St. Julians/Sliema and St Paul’s Bay. If you want to choose the top spot and never want to be alone, but also be close to all amenities, transport links and attractions, choose one of these places. You’ll find plenty of things to do, bars and restaurants in all three places, and all three are great starting points for day trips and excursions.

Best Areas to Stay in Malta for Solo Travellers

If you are a solo traveller and want to stay in hostels and potentially meet other travellers, then Gzira, St. Julians/Balluta Bay and Sliema are the best choices.

This is where you will find most of the best hostels, and you will be close to all the parties, but also to transport links. Valletta could also be a good choice, but be aware that you will not find good hostels in Valletta.

If you are not fussed about meeting other travellers and are looking for a quieter area but still with good amenities and transport links, then  Msida is also a great option.

If you are a solo traveller looking for an alternative Malta stay and don’t mind renting a scooter or even a quad bike, then why not Gozo? It probably wouldn’t be a good choice if you wanted to see all of Malta, but staying for 2 or 3 days would be a good idea, especially if you are looking for a quiet trip.

Where to Stay in Malta on a Budget

Let’s be honest, Malta isn’t the cheapest European destination and it is somewhat difficult to travel to Malta on a budget, but not impossible. Accommodation will be the biggest part of your expenses, so choosing an affordable area is crucial. Not only that, you want to be able to stay close to transport links to save on taxis as well as near large supermarkets and shops.

For this reason, if you are travelling on a budget, I recommend staying in Msida, Gzira, Sliema or St. Julians.

In all 4 areas, there is a wide range of accommodation, including budget hostels, so you are sure to find something that suits your budget. These places are well connected to the rest of Malta, so you will be able to explore on a budget, and you’ll find plenty of supermarkets if you want to cook your own food.

Best Areas to Stay in Malta Without the Car

If you are planning your stay in Malta and don’t want to rent a car it is important that you choose an area with great transport links. Although Malta is a small country and buses go nearly everywhere, getting to and from some places can be tricky.

The best areas to stay in Malta without a car are St Julians, Sliema, Gzira and Valletta. If you stay in Sliema or Gzira you will also be near the ferries (for day trips to Valletta, Comino and Gozo) and port cruises.

Mellieha is also a good option to stay in Malta without the car but only if you are planning to see mostly the north and lounge on the beach for the majority of the time.

Best Areas to Stay in Malta for Families

If you are travelling with a family or with children, the best areas to stay in Malta are Mellieha, Buggibba, St. Pauls Bay (together with Bugibba and Qawra) and Golden Bay. This is where you will find the best resorts, often with swimming pools and close to the beach. These areas are much quieter than bustling St. Julians or Sliema but still offer a wide range of great things to do, restaurants and activities.

Unlike in the south, the north of Malta offers more open spaces suitable for long walks and a bigger selection of sandy beaches.

Where to Stay in Malta for Beaches and Nature

If you want to stay near the best beaches in Malta and enjoy long walks in nature, the north of Malta is the best choice. Mellieha, Golden Bay and St. Pauls Bay offer not only some of the most beautiful beaches in Malta but also plenty of space for nature walks and hikes.

Marsaskala, further south, is a bit off-the-beaten-path beach destination but I really like the beach there and the walk to St. Peters’s Pool offers some of the most spectacular views in Malta.

If you want to stay in the south but close to the sandy beach and do not mind the off-the-beaten-path location, consider Birzebbugia.

If you are not interested in the beach, but instead want to do a lot of walking and hiking and see the Dingli, Victoria Lanes and Busskett, then book your stay in Rabat. Although most travellers book their stay in Rabat because of Mdina, the hiking in this area is incredible!

Finally, Gozo is also an incredible area for beach and nature lovers but be aware that it is a separate island and maybe a few days’ trip in addition to staying on the main Malta island would be a better idea.

Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Areas to Stay in Malta

If you are looking for an alternative stay in Malta, away from crowds and tourists, some parts of Gozo (like Xlendi, Marsalforn or Gharb) would be the perfect getaway.

If you prefer to stay on the main island of Malta but crave the local flavour and do not want to be surrounded by tourists, then you might consider Mosta, Marsaxlokk, Qrendi, Marsaskala or Birzebbugia. All of these places have something special to offer and are worth a visit, especially if you have a little more time in Malta.

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Quick Overview of all Towns and Areas to Stay in Malta


Valletta is Malta’s capital and the smallest capital city in Europe. It is one of my favourite places in Malta. There is an undeniable charm about this fabulous city with its narrow, charming streets, colourful balconies, historic buildings popping up around every corner and fantastic restaurants, hip cafes and quirky bars.

Valletta is a great place to base while exploring the country. It is located near the airport and you can catch the bus from Valletta to nearly anywhere on the island.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Pros: Full of interesting sights and things to do, great transport links, very beautiful and full of charm

Cons: It is a city so gets busy, very limited parking space, no beaches nearby, expensive

Best for:  Couples, city breakers, culture buffs, romantic city getaways

Where to stay:

Budget: No budget accommodations are available in Valletta. Consider staying in St Julians or Sliema instead.

Moderate: Hotel Castille or Grand Harbour Hotel

Luxury: Ursulino Valletta, Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Suites or 66 Saint Paul’s & Spa


Sliema offers the best location for those who want to travel in Malta without a car and looking to be entertained. There are 2 sides to Sliema. This seaside location, directly across from Valletta, enjoys a busy promenade where all Captain Morgan and similar cruise boats dock, plenty of good restaurants and bars, and access to all the amenities you could need. Here you can also catch the ferry to Valletta or Gozo and Comino.

It is a busy place. I walked down the promenade every evening on my way home from work and the bars were always busy and the streets full of tourists.

On the other side of Sliema, things get much better. This is where you will find some really cool beach bars with pools and a great promenade that goes all the way to St. Julian’s, with a great rocky beach below. This beach is actually really nice and great for swimming.

Here you will find the old Roman Baths and the cute Exiles Beach with my favourite beach bar – Paradise Exiles.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers

This part of Sliema also boasts some stunning hotels with rooftop pools.

If you are looking for a base for further exploration with a good choice of accommodation and entertainment, Sliema is a good option.

Pros: Excellent location, many transport links including busses and ferries, plenty of entertainment

Cons: Busy, very touristy

Best for: Young crowd looking for entertainment, travellers who want to use public transport

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Where to stay in Sliema:

Budget: Hostel On (lovely roof terrace) or Two Pillows Boutique Hostel (with indoor pool and sauna!)

Midrange: Plaza Regency Hotels (moderate reviews but good value for money, I stayed there a few years ago and had a good stay), Lady Todd (excellent value for money) or Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel (lovely rooms but also studios with kitchenette). 

Luxury: Hotel Verdi (gym and rooftop pools), Land’s End Boutique Hotel (beautiful rooms, pool and excellent restaurant), 1926 Hotel & SPA  (part of 1926 luxury beach club, incredible infinity pool and fitness centre)

St Julians/Balluta Bay

Still popular and very touristy, but with much more charm than Sliema. In fact, St. Julians is very pretty and the promenade is a joy to walk along. Especially in the evening. There are a few little bays in St. Julians – Spinola Bay, Balluta Bay, St. George’s Bay and Portomaso. Spinola Bay is very picturesque with colourful luzzu boats parked on the shore, St. Georges Bay located near Paceville offers the only semi-decent sandy beach in the area, and Portomaso is a stunning luxury bay lined with stylish restaurants and opulent hotels.

Along the beachfront, you’ll find numerous very good bars and restaurants, as well as a few dive schools.

St. Julians also boasts an excellent selection of hotels and affordable hostels, dive schools, plenty of shopping options and great transport links. When I first visited Malta (as a tourist a few years before I moved there ), I stayed here and had an amazing time.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers

But beware: Towards the end of St Julians you will find a district of Paceville, and you want to think twice before booking a stay in this part of town, unless you just want to do is to party all night. Paceville is Malta’s famous party district, and as much as you can have fun here, it is not the ideal place to stay in Malta.

Having said all that I believe that if you are visiting for the first time, St. Julians is probably the best area to stay in Malta as it has everything to offer and can cater for many types of travellers.

Pros: Great location, picturesque, lots of entertainment options, bars and restaurants, good transport links and nightlife, can be as affordable or as luxurious as your heart desires

Cons: Very touristy and gets busy 

Best for: Solo travellers and groups of friends, budget travellers, couples, travellers who like to be centrally located, partygoers, and those looking for a luxury stay in a central location

Where to stay in St Julians:

Budget: In St Julians, you will find some of the best hostels in Malta. Inhawi Boutique Hostel is the most famous and for a good reason. It has a great vibe, an outside pool and includes breakfast. Hostel Malti Budget is cute, and colourful and offers great value for money. It also has a Jacuzzi on the rooftop. Marco Polo Party Hostel is exactly that – a very social hotel with a great rooftop bar and parties. 

Midrange: Central Suites St. Julian’s (cute affordable room and roof terrace),  Ivy Hotel (excellent value for money) or Antoniel Suites (with free access to nearby beach club).

Luxury: Hotel Juliani – Boutique Hotel (a stunning hotel with a gym and rooftop pool) or Hilton Malta (a luxury 5-star hotel, do I say more?)

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas to stay in Malta for all Types of Travellers


Although located near Sliema, Gzira has a much more residential feel but is still close enough to Sliema and St. Julians. It’s a good choice if you want to be within walking distance or a short taxi ride from the hustle and bustle, but want to enjoy slightly more peaceful surroundings. Just slightly.

If you read in any of the other guides that Gzira is peaceful and close to nature, please ignore it. I have lived in Gzira. It is not. Yes, it is quieter than Sliema and St. Julians, and if you want to stay close to the action but slightly away from the tourists, Gzira would be a good choice.

The promenade in Gzira is lovely and an added bonus is the Manoel Island, which is great for walks. Here you will find more local and cheaper shops, cheaper restaurants and definitely a more local feel. It’s also where a lot of ex-pats live.

There’s not much around Gzira that would make it a destination in its own right, other than the fact that it can be cheaper, and near the tourist attractions and bus stops while being a bit out of the way. So, if you find a hotel in this area that you like, you can book it without worrying.

Pros: Conveniently located yet a bit away from crowds, good selection of hotels and nearby restaurants, good transport links

Cons: Can get noisy with traffic and some constructions

Best for: Couples, groups of friends, solo travellers that are not on a strict budget

Where to stay in Gzira: 

In Gzira, you will find mostly midrange good quality hotels and suits like Bayview Hotel & Apartments which has a spa and fitness centre or Vela Blu Boutique Suites which is a bit more away from the main street but still conveniently located. A few really good hotels in the area offer free access to an outdoor pool located by the seafront including Strand Suites, Azur Hotel and Urban Rooms by NEU Collective

Msida and Ta’ Xbiex

Msida is a residential area where a lot of ex-pats live. The prices are cheaper here and still, you are not too far from Sliema and St. Julians. Msida is actually quite cute, especially closer to the seaside where it is connected to the even nicer Ta’ Xbiex.

It’s a peaceful area where you can still enjoy all the amenities like shops, restaurants and bars, but with more of a local feel. The Marsamxett Harbour is home to the Yacht Marina and a picturesque bay.

You can hop on a bus, and you can reach Sliema’s waterfront in just 5 minutes (about a half-hour walk). Also in the other direction, there are plenty of buses going to Valletta. In fact, I think Msida is the best affordable option to explore Valletta.

BEST AREAS TO STAY IN MALTA / Where to stay in Malta
Photo Credit: Frank Vincentz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ta’ Xbiex is a pretty and peaceful harbour town with a nice promenade and a few very nice restaurants (including my favourite sushi restaurant – Genki!). It’s a town full of greenery, elegant villas and foreign embassies, a very interesting neighbourhood.

If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hoards of tourists and looking for a quiet place to end the day, but still have plenty of transportation options, – both Msida and Ta’ Xbiex could be one of the best areas to stay in Malta for you.

Pros: Excellent location between Valletta and Sliema, residential and more peaceful, good transport links and plenty of amenities, picturesque

Cons: Not much entertainment in the area, can feel a bit isolated

Where to stay in Msida or Ta’ Xbiex:

You will find some very interesting accommodation options in Msida. 

NSTS Campus Residence offers budget-friendly dorms and rooms. It is located near the university and caters for students as well, so it could be an interesting stay. But you will find an outdoor pool, sun terrace and 24-hour reception, so why not!

You could also stay on a yacht with free WiFi, air conditioning, a garden and a shared lounge. Johnny M Yacht! is a cool option however I dont think you can take them to the sea. But you can always ask!

On a more traditional note, Chapter 5 Hotel is one of the best hotels in the area and comes highly recommended. Aparthotel Adagio Malta Central is a great option if you are looking for an apartment and B&B Marina offers great value for money.

St Paul’s Bay (including Bugibba and Qawra)

St. Paul’s Bay is a very popular tourist destination in Malta, especially among those seeking a seaside resort away from the busy cities.

Located on the northeast coast of Malta, St. Paul’s Bay along with Bugibba and xx is a great area to stay in Malta for families, but also for couples and those who want to be closer to nature and the great outdoors.

St Paul’s Bay has a whole range of attractions and things to do including great beaches (including the man-made sandy beach in Bigibba), a waterpark, trips to Gozo and Comino, Popeye Village and awesome hiking with Qawra Point Nature Reserve and the stunning Selmun nearby. There are many good restaurants and bars in the area, as well as a range of accommodation options, from family resorts to luxury hotels.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

If you are looking to hire a car in Malta, you can compare different car rental prices and deals here.

St. Paul’s Bay is also a good place to stay in Malta if you are looking for a beach holiday. Some of Malta’s most beautiful beaches are located in the northern part of the country, such as Golden Bay, Gjadira Bay and Riviera Beach, but you will need to drive or take a taxi to get to those beaches.

Pros: Beautiful part of Malta with many options for outdoor activities, a good variety of shops, bars and restaurants, boat and scuba diving tours

Cons: Far from Valletta, tricky to get to other parts of Malta by public transport, can be a bit quiet, not much of a nightlife, it has a holiday resort vibe

Best for; Families, couples, outdoor junkies

Where to stay in St Pauls Bay area:

Budget: Given St Pauls Bay is more of a holiday resort you will not find any hostels here. The best budget accommodations are Porto Azzurro Aparthotel (offering an outdoor pool and studio-style rooms), Buccaneers Boutique Guest House (with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and roof terrace) and Ibis Styles ST Pauls Bay (modern hotel with rooftop swimming pool).

Midrange:  Mayflower Hotel (offers gorgeous rooftop pool), Sunseeker Holiday Complex (studio style rooms and outdoor pool) and Villa Zammitella (cute bed and breakfast with beautiful views that feel like home)

Luxury: Seaview Hotel (adults-only hotel with great outdoor infinity pool) and Park Lane Boutique Aparthotel (beautiful Aparthotel with a rooftop pool and lounges)


Mellieha is the best area in Malta for a beach holiday. It’s situated in the northwest of Malta and is a popular destination for tourists, especially families. The beach is extensive and there are a variety of activities available there such as water sports, banana rides and slides. It is located in a very picturesque bay and the town of Mellieha is also very scenic.

In addition, Mellieha offers a variety of amenities for tourists, including a range of accommodation options from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious villas, as well as great restaurants, cafes and bars. Although it has a holiday resort feel I found it quite charming. I often took a day trip to Mellieha and after a day spent on the beach, I enjoyed a lovely dinner in one of the seaside restaurants.

It’s not a place for crazy nightlife, but if you’re looking for a friendly resort with a great beach and a nice town to explore, Mellieha might be for you.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Pros: Perfect beach resort with a wonderful and safe beach and plenty of activities, great restaurants, plenty of great outdoors to discover

Cons: Gets busy in the peak season and on weekends, far from places like Valletta, Mdina and other attractions in the South, a bit of a resort feel with not many cultural attractions

Best for: Families with kids, couples looking for a beach holiday, total beach bums

Where to stay in Mellieha:

Few resorts and hotels are worth recommending here. The typical resort hotels and spas with pools, lounging areas and dining options like Luna Holiday Complex, Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa or Solana Hotel & Spa. Pergola Hotel & Spa has a lovely pool and also self-catering rooms and Hotel VIU57 offers modern rooms and a rooftop pool with excellent views.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay, located in the very north of Malta, is a beautiful bay with a magnificent sandy beach. It is not really a town, and there is only one accommodation available there – the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa. However, it’s a great option if you are just looking for a short beach break and do not plan to see much of the country, perhaps apart from some organised tours or boat trips.

Not far from Golden Bay is my absolute favourite beach in Malta – Ghajn Tuffieha. There are also some really lovely walks available in the area. But you have to be aware that there are no stores or supermarkets in this area.

An Ultimate Guide to all beaches in Malta

There are only a few restaurants. You can have a cocktail at the Sangrita beach bar in Ghajn Tuffieha – which is a very nice way to spend an evening on the beach.

So, if you are looking for your ultimate beach resort in Malta – book your stay at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa and enjoy your holiday.

Mdina and Rabat

Both Mdina and Rabat are one of the most beautiful areas in Malta and not only because of the undeniable attraction of the Silent City. The area is just wonderful for countryside walks and longer hikes towards Dingli Cliffs or Victoria Lines

Rabat, although a larger city than Mdina, has a very atmospheric feel and beautiful architecture. You will find many great cafes and restaurants in this area too.

As it is located in the centre of the island you will be a bit away from the hustle and bustle of Valletta or Sliema but still within easy reach whether by bus or car.

Evenings are quiet yet very atmospheric around here. It’s not a place for crazy nightlife but a great one for a delicious meal in a good restaurant or a peaceful stroll in the town or in the countryside. 

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Pros: Both Mdina and Rabat are beautiful and full of interesting sights and architecture, plenty of excellent cafes and restaurants, surrounded by beautiful countryside

Cons: A bit away from the action, definitely not the cheapest

Best for: Couples, families, nature and history lovers

Where to stay in Mdina and Rabat:

Mdina is a small and very protected city, so you will find only 2 extraordinary but also expensive hotels within the city walls. Both the Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux and the Palazzo Bifora are incredibly beautiful and very highly rated, so if you want to treat yourself, you will not regret it.

But for the rest of us, the regular folks, Rabat is where you’ll find great and more affordable accommodation. In fact, if you dont like to stay in bustling resorts or busy cities, Rabat might be the best choice with many great walk around and good transport links.

D’Ambrogio Guest House BnB offers semi-affordable and lovely rooms with a terrace or balcony, and My Travel House offers a buffet breakfast and location you cannot beat.

If you are looking for a boutique hostel, check out the stunning Adelphi Boutique Hotel or Villa Vittoria, which has a more traditional Maltese feel.


Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located on the southeast coast of Malta and is famous for its picturesque colourful harbour, bustling fish market, and stunning natural scenery.

The harbour is the main attraction of Marsaxlokk. Lined with brightly painted fishing boats known as “Luzzus” which are considered a symbol of the village, and they add to the vibrant and colourful atmosphere of the harbour.

The famous Marsaxlokk market takes place every Sunday and is another popular attraction of this cute town. Visitors can browse the stalls and sample the fresh seafood caught by the local fishermen, including fish, squid, and octopus.

Marsaxlokk, although a small village offers plenty of things to do. You can take a boat to the famous St Peters Pool (highly recommended), or take a hike there as well. You can also take a longer, yet stunning hike to St Thomas Bay. Along the bay, you will find plenty of excellent restaurants serving the ‘catch of the day’ and other traditional Maltese dishes. 

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Although most of the time Marsaxlokk is visited on a day trip it is an interesting option to stay for longer. If you enjoy staying in cute fishing villages and want to chill, eat well, hike and watch the locals go by, then Marsaxlokk could be a great area to stay in Malta for you.

Pros: Super pretty and charming, plenty of excellent restaurants, near natural wonders like St peters Poolor St Thomas Bay

Cons: Limited accommodation options, not suitable for strict budget travellers, a bit away from the majority of other attractions 

Best for: Those looking for a more relaxed vibe in beautiful surroundings, travellers who plan on renting a car

Where to stay in Marsaxlokk:

There isn’t a massive amount of hotels or BnBs in Marsaxlokk but those that are there are really good. Fisherman’s Cove Guesthouse offers good value for money and lovely bright rooms with a marina view. South Wind Guesthouse has very stylish rooms, some of them with a kitchenette as well as a terrace. La Reggia Seaview Guesthouse offers modern rooms with balconies,  included breakfast served on a terrace, an excellent location and in my opinion, the best value out of the three.


If you dream of a beach holiday, but away from other tourists, surrounded by locals and beautiful nature, Marsaskala may be the best area to stay in Malta.

Marsaskala barely makes it into the top ten attractions in Malta and you won’t find many bloggers singing songs about it. This is mainly because not many travellers make it to Marsaskala, so I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a remote destination and in summer it gets busy. But mostly with locals. Many Maltese even have a summer camp or summer house here.

But I really liked this part of Malta. The beach is really nice, with both rocky and sandy sections, the views are not too shabby either and if you venture on a walk, you might discover the most beautiful cliffs in Malta. Yes, better than Dingli!

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Marsaskala itself is a quaint village with a laid-back atmosphere, located not far from St Peters Pool and right by St Thomas Bay. You won’t find many sights and famous points of interest here, but that’s not why you come to Marsaskala for that. If you would like to see the rest of Malta on a couple of day trips, then you would have to consider renting a car. You can also take a bus to Valletta. In Marsaskala itself, you can rent a boat, jet skis or kayaks. There are some excellent restaurants in town, as well as a few beach bars, kiosks and typical beach eateries.

Pros: Great beach and picturesque walks, family-friendly, very local

Cons: Away from some of the popular spots, a car might be required

Best for: Travellers looking for affordable and off-the-beaten-path beach holidays in close proximity to some great walks and with a very local feel, families, those planning to rent a car

Where to stay in Marsaskala:

You will not find any hostels in Marsaskala but there are a few very nice budget-to-midrange hotels like Cerviola Hotel (rooftop pool and restaurant), Silia’s Maisonette and TJ Boutique (most budget-friendly)

You can also opt for a whole apartment which would be a great option if you are travelling as a couple of families. Some of the best-rated include Aquamarine Sea Front Apartments, Marsascala Luxury Apartment & Penthouse and SeaFront Apartment Marsascala.

Gozo Island

The island of Gozo is definitely a very alternative area to stay in Malta, but it has so much to offer that it is definitely worth considering.

With its stunning natural landscapes, rich history and laid-back lifestyle, Gozo is a great destination for travellers seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the main island of Malta. If you still want to see some of the best sights on the main island of Malta (as Gozo is away from other Malta attractions and only accessible by ferry), you could consider perhaps staying in Gozo for a few days in Gozo.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Gozo is one of my favourite places in Malta. It offers stunning natural landscapes such as Dwejra Bay (where the Azure Window used to be before it collapsed), Ramla Bay and the famous Gozo Salt Pans. There are also several hiking trails and nature reserves on the island. I’ve hiked all over Gozo and I can promise you that if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll not be disappointed.

Other awesome sights in Gozo include Ta’ Pinu Basilica, mysterious Ghantija Temples and beautiful Victoria – the capital of the island.

Where to stay in Malta - Best Areas in Malta for all Types of Travellers

Pros: Simply beautiful, and tranquil, some say it is what Malta used to be like before all the tourists arrived, plenty of hikes, stunning beaches, very safe

Cons: Away from other Malta attractions and only accessible by ferry, could be too quiet for some

Best for: Travellers seeking a tranquil and authentic feel, outdoors junkies and beach bums, families

Where to stay in Gozo:

There are a few popular towns in Gozo where you will find many accommodation options like Victoria located in the centre of the island or the coastal towns of Xlendi and Marslforn.

If you would like to stay in the traditional farmhouse I recommend you check out the  Il-Bàrraġ Farmhouse B&B – a charming and historical B&b with a story. If you prefer to stay in the resort closer to the beach Take a look at Maria Giovanna Guesthouse in Marsalforn Bay or this incredible Cesca’s Boutique Hotel in Xlendi.

For awesome accommodation with a pool (you will need it in the summer!) I recommend Sweet Life Gozo or Rosehill Bed and Breakfast.

I hope you found this guide to the best areas to stay in Malta helpful. As always do not hesitate to ask me any questions or if you think I have missed something important leave a comment below!

For now, have a wonderful stay in Malta and happy travelling!

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