Best Things to do in Gozo Malta (Comprehensive Guide)

Best Things to do in Gozo Malta (Comprehensive Guide)

So you are planning a trip to Malta soon? Great idea! Thinking of including Gozo in your itinerary? Even better!

In this Gozo guide, I will give you all the local’s tips, a list of all the fantastic things to do in Gozo and also all the good reasons why you should stay over and enjoy the magical island of Gozo for at least 2 days. 

I find Gozo magical. Architecture is like nowhere else in the world, some historical sites are older than the Piramides of Giza and many fishing villages turned into charming resorts. Still not covered with crates and endless building sites, slow-paced and mostly traditional. Visiting Gozo is like stepping back into Malta’s past.

In fact, many Maltese say that Gozo is what Malta was like 20 years ago. 

There is something mysterious about Malta’s little sister. The streets and buildings, although occupied, feel often strangely peaceful and quiet. Gozo seems to be having its own distinguished colour palette, of golden, brown and blue, with a slight sprinkle of green. 

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, 2 days in Gozo

It can be quiet. You could walk the trails and not see anyone for miles. It can be busy, especially in the peak season in Xlendi or in the capital of Victoria. Yet you can still find a deserted beach, which hardly anyone knows about even in the middle of the summer.  

Most of the visitors take one day trip to Gozo. I however always encourage everyone to spend a little more time on the island.  

Understandably, if you are short on time, and can only spare a day, go nevertheless. Your experience of Malta will be this much reacher. 

I visited Gozo many times both on day trips and for a couple of days at a time.  It is hands down one of my favourite spots in Malta. So I prepared for you, this comprehensive guide. Let’s get started!

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, 2 days in Gozo

Why is Gozo Worth Visiting

If you have a spare day or two while visiting Malta, its smaller sister Gozo is definitely worth visiting. Smaller, more peaceful and full of incredible natural wonders, Gozo is the perfect place for those in search of beautiful hiking trails, secluded beaches, ancient temples and the best sunsets in Malta.

Gozo offers this curious combination of civilisation while being steeped back in time. It is touristy yet off the beaten track. Famous yet undiscovered. So similar to the main island of Malta and yet so different.

Gozo is also home to some of the oldest relics in the world, the most beautiful beaches, some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean, great restaurants and plenty of entertainment.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

What is the best way to visit Gozo on a Day trip?

There are various ways to visit Gozo in Malta. You can join an organised excursion or boat cruise, you can visit Gozo independently by ferry from some towns in Malta or you can even hire a private boat.

You can visit Gozo for two hours, a whole day, 2 days or as long as your heart desires. Here’s how you can do it:

A boat cruise/ an organised tour:

I do not recommend doing the combined Gozo and Comino tours. Here’s why.

Most tours last between 6 to 7 hours, during which you will spend around 2 hours on Comino and maybe 3 hours on Gozo. On arrival in Gozo, you’ll be put on a minibus and taken to Xlendi, maybe Ta Pinu and Victoria to see the Citadelle.


In my (perhaps not so popular) opinion, you cannot really experience the island of Gozo in 2 or 3 hours at least not in a way that would be somehow memorable. You should make better use of your precious vacation time. I don’t think I know anyone who has been to Gozo for just a couple of hours and really enjoyed it or fell in love with the island.

You can definitely do a day tour and love it, just that 2 hours is not enough. Period.

But that’s not to say that an organized excursion or cruise is not a good choice. Just choose right! There are plenty of tours to choose from which will allow you to explore the island in a fun way while experiencing different landscapes and activities in Gozo.

Tours that last longer, perhaps a whole day. And those that offer more stops and more chill time. This quad bike tour is my favourite, but the jeep tour they offer has a few more stops. This Gozo Tuk Tuk Chauffered Tour looks pretty cool too!

How to get to Gozo Independently:

You can also visit Gozo completely independently. And it’s pretty easy to do that.

The only way to get to Gozo when you want and return when you want is by taking the ferry from Cirkewwa. The fee is €4.6, but you will only pay on your way back. The trip itself takes 20 minutes and the ferry runs regularly throughout the day until late in the evening. You can see the timetable here.

You can take a bus to Cirkewwa from Valletta or Sliema/St Julian or you can grab an Uber or Bolt. After midnight the ferry leaves Gozo less frequently but you can return at any time of the night. 

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, 2 days in Gozo

You can also rent a car on Malta’s main island and drive to Gozo. Be sure however to check with your rental company if it allows the car to be taken on the ferry.

If not, once on the other side, you will also have plenty of options to get around or rent a suitable vehicle. There are a few car and motorbike rental shops in Gozo as well.

If you are looking to hire a car in Malta, you can compare different car rental prices and deals here.

And why it’s worth spending 2 Days in Gozo

Spending two days (or even more) in Gozo is awesome! 

The main reason is those sunsets! The Dwejra Bay sunset is the best I have ever seen in Europe. 

More than that, spending at least 2 days in Gozo, will give you a completely different perspective on Malta’s little sister island. You will be able to stay in a charming B&B, often transformed from an old stone house or farm. The most popular accommodation type in Gozo. It will also be a great way to slow down a bit and unwind, especially after hectic and tourist-packed days in Valetta, Sliema or Mdina.

But most of all – it is just so nice not to feel rushed. No one dictating how long you have to stay in one place before being hurried and transported to a different location. And if you fancy it – you might as well do as little as your heart desires.

My personal recommendation for the best 2 days in Gozo is to visit two or three of your chosen sights (detailed below) a day and then relax at one of the gorgeous beaches or bays. Spend the evening in Victoria, Marsalforn or Xlendi, enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant and a glass of wine.  For the following day book a winery tour or one of the watersport adventures. 

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

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Where to stay in Gozo

For the resort towns, I have 3 main recommendations: Marsalforn, Xlendi and Xagħra with the latter being more inland but really close to both Victoria and Ramla Bay. You can also stay in Victoria as in Gozo – all roads lead to Victoria. Literally. It is also a great town to stay in for a night and it was always my town of choice. 

But the truth is that you can stay just about anywhere in Gozo as nothing is ever going to be too far away. But it will depend on what you are looking for and how are you planning to spend your days.

There is plenty of remote, village farmhouse guest houses or traditional B&Bs available for rental. Many offer swimming pools and great panoramic views. This is another reason why staying in Gozo for 2 days is a great idea! If however, you choose remote accommodation, consider renting a car or a quad. 

I, however, like to stay closer to ‘civilization’. Just so I can unwind in the evening and take a nice meal in the restaurant with a nice glass of Maltese wine without having to go too far.

In all Gozitan resorts as well as in Victoria you will have the option of staying either in traditional or more modern accommodation type. As I mentioned earlier I recommend authentic, traditional accommodation. You probably won’t have many chances to experience it anywhere else in Europe.

If you would like to stay in the traditional farmhouse I recommend you check out the  Il-Bàrraġ Farmhouse B&B – a charming and historical B&b with a story. If you prefer to stay in the resort closer to the beach Take a look at Maria Giovanna Guesthouse in Marsalforn Bay or this incredible Cesca’s Boutique Hotel in Xlendi.

For great accommodation with a pool (you will need it in the summer!) I recommend Sweet Life Gozo or Fort Chambray Harbor Breeze.

For excellent mid-priced accommodation in Gozo check out Ta’ Dun Martin Bed and Breakfast in Nadur and Grotto’s Paradise B&B in Gharb.  Fur, Purr & Pool in Marsalforn has excellent reviews and so does The Carob Tree in Victoria. 

If you are looking for a great budget stay you should check out St Orsola Apartments or Splendid Guest House in Victoria or Ta’ Rosalba B&B in Nadur. In Marsalforn, Lantern Guest House offers good affordable accommodation if you prefer to stay by the coast.

And for a very comfortable stay, I recommend Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse in Victoria or Villa Serenity B&B in Sannat.

Check all accommodation in Gozo Here!

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How to get around Gozo

My all-time favourite way is to rent a quad bike. Streets in Gozo can be small and at times steep and meandering. Traffic is not as bad as in Malta so riding a quad is safe and a lot of fun. I find a quad bike to be a perfect way to move around the island. And it is perfectly legal to use it on the main roads – you will just need a valid driving licence. You can either rent it for a day or take an organised day trip. You can also rent it for a couple of days, as I did.

You will find quad rental shops just outside of the ferry terminal, those, however, are on a first-come and first gets basis. I know – annoying. First time I decided to rent a quad I tried booking it online only to find out on my arrival that there were no quads left. Luckily I was spotted by one of the tour organisers and they connected me with Go Gozo Company from which I rented a quad. I am not sure if they still do rentals but its worth checking. 

My advice is – always call! It’s Malta, only because you booked something doesn’t mean it is going to happen. Call and double-check if the quad was booked and what time you need to arrive to secure it. 

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, 2 days in Gozo

Another great way to go around the island is on a Hop On Hop Off bus. For a daily fee of €18, you can visit all the most popular sights, get off and get back on at any time. Just like all other Hop On Hop Off busses around the world. The bus runs throughout the day, but the timetable changes depending on the time of the year so click here to check all the stops and current timetables.

Finally, Gozo has a semi-decent bus infrastructure. It is not as extensive as on main Malta island but you can get pretty close to all the sights and potentially include a little walk or hike.

At the time I lived in Malta Bolt or other taxi apps didn’t work in Gozo but I heard that this isn’t the case anymore and shared rides are now available.

In case you opt for a regural taxi, ts always a good idea to get a phone number from them in case you venture too far and no public transport is not at hand (hmm.. personal experience)

Bicycle and car rentals are also available and will be available in Mgarr or Victoria.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
Riding into the sunset / Best things to do in Gozo Malta

Now that you booked your accommodation and sorted out the transportation, its time to find out what are the best things to do in Gozo!

Are you having trouble choosing the best area to stay in Malta? I got ya! Here is my comprehensive guide to all the best areas and places to stay in Malta!

Here you will find a list of everything you need to know before travelling to Malta.

I am sure you are looking for some beach time while in Malta! I wrote a complete guide to the best beaches in Malta. 

If you are looking for a picture-perfect, ultimately Maltese fishing village, be sure to visit Marsaxlokk! And a visit to Malta would be complete without exploring its capital of Valletta and the Silent City of Mdina!

Best things to do in Gozo

Victoria and the Citadella / Things to do in Gozo

Victoria (also known as Ir-Rabat) is the capital of Gozo. The town is the heart of the island, but it’s never overwhelmingly busy. Even the island’s capital has this slower chilled vibe about it.

The interesting thing about this town, and I found this out first-hand before I even read about it, is that all the roads in Gozo lead to Victoria. To the extent that in some cases you have to return to Victoria to go to another town, even if it feels out of the way simply cos there are no other roads to get there.

This is exactly why Victoria is a great place to stay if you are thinking of driving on your trip.

In the centre of Victoria is the Pjazza Indipendenza, also known as it-Tokk. A market is held here in the morning, sharing the space with several open-air cafés. Wander the streets of the old town and explore the city’s main street – Triq-ir Repubblika – and be sure to try some local dishes like ftira or xx.

In the evening visit St George Square and stop in one of the restaurants for a great fish, octopus or rabbit meal!

There are also numerous places of historical and cultural interest in ir-Rabat (Victoria) but a visit to the Citadel is a must.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, 2 days in Gozo Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Citadella, also known as Castello, is believed to have been built as early as during the Neolithic period and was restored and officially reopened in June 2016.

Citadella is a small fortified city that served as a shelter for its inhabitants for many centuries. Its rich history, entangled with the dramatic history of the island, is truly fascinating. The strategic location and ceramics discovered inside the Cittadella indicate that the area was already a settlement in prehistory and remained the main settlement on Gozo during the Phoenician and Roman periods.

In the Medieval period, it was converted into a fortified castle, known as Grand Castello, and served as a refuge during times of trouble.

In 1551, the army of the Ottoman Empire attacked the island, besieged the Cittadella and carried off the entire population of Gozo into slavery, with only about 300 people managing to escape.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Today Citadella is a cultural and historical centre, home to a variety of fascinating museums, traditional restaurants, old mediaeval houses and an old prison. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the island from the top of the fortifications, which are undoubtedly incomparable to any other on the islands. Hands down visiting the Victoria Citadella is one of the best things to do in Gozo. Highly recommended.

The Ta Pinu Basilica and Ghammar Hill

The Ta Pinu Basilica is one of Malta’s most famous churches and is visited by a number of pilgrimages on a daily basis. It’s a historical landmark dating back to the 16th century but is also of great religious significance to many. Located near the village of Gharb in the northwest of the island, it stands lonely on a hill surrounded by the peaceful countryside.

The church offers a breathtaking view of the landscape and is considered an architectural masterpiece, mainly due to its interior design.

Across the church, you will find a track leading up to Grammar Hill, which is punctuated by marble statues representing scenes from the stations of the cross starting with the Last Supper of Jesus right up to the crucifixion and burial.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Xlendi / Best things to do in Gozo

In my opinion, this is the most lovely seaside town in Gozo. I highly recommend staying here for the night. Located on the south-west of Gozo and nestled within the picturesque bay and surrounded by cliffs, the bay is a popular place for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Very scenic indeed.
You can take a walk around the cliff sides which are dotted with caves or just have a meal in one of the seafront restaurants. The area has retained its natural tranquillity, although it has become very popular in recent years. Great place to enjoy an evening meal right at the seafront and take a rest after a day of sightseeing.

Xlendi is also a great starting point for hikes such as those to the Sanap Cliffs.

Recent Update (2023): Some say that Xlendi is slowly losing its original charm and following in the footsteps of Malta being overbuilt and constantly showing crates on the horizon. This makes me sad. I most recently visited Xlendi at the end of 2021 and I loved it, so I will be glad to hear your opinions.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
Xlendi / Best things to do in Gozo Malta

Marsalforn / Best things to do in Gozo

This is another of the former fishing villages that have been transformed into seaside resorts. It’s the largest and most developed resort on Gozo with plenty of restaurants, hotels and cafes, but in my opinion it lacks the charm of Xlendi. It is however great base if you want to visit the neighbouring attractions such as the salt pans. This part of the island also offers great walks and sea views, so I can really recommend this place.

There is a small family-friendly beach as well as some rocky spots that are also suitable for swimming or snorkelling. It’s very popular amongst locals and can get very crowded in the summer months.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Salt Pans / One of the best attractions on Gozo

About a 20-minute walk from Marslaforn, you’ll find the famous salt pans at Xwejni Bay. Take a morning walk to see how the salt being collected. If you have never witnessed salt harvest, it’s a great opportunity. The tradition of salt extraction has been passed down through certain families here for the past 350 years.

This is also a very picturesque site and a great spot for those Instagram snaps. Once there you can continue walking or driving alongside the seaside road and you will be able to discover even more gems. One of them is…

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Wied il-Ghasri

Wied il-Ghasri, also known as the Ghasri Valley, is a secluded, very narrow, fjord-like bay wedged between high cliffs located in the northern part of Gozo. It is a place where you can enjoy beautiful views of the bay, and at the very bottom, you will find a small pebble beach ideal for a peaceful swim in the summer. It is very popular with divers who like to explore the surrounding underwater caves.

Wied il-Ghasri is about 250 meters long and 15 to 30 meters wide. To get to the beach, you have to go down about 90 stone steps. These steps are carved into the rock, quite steep and can be slippery, so take caution. I love this spot, a real hidden gem.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Wied Il-Mielah

No Azure window? No problem. Further down, past the Wied il-Ghasri, you’ll find another hidden gem – the Wied Il-Mielah window. It is absolutely incredible that this window was created by nature, by the sea cutting through the rock.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide / Most Spectacular Coastal Hikes in Malta

Dwejra Bay / Best things to do in Gozo

Dwejra is one of my favourite places in Gozo, with its dramatic coastal formations and the sea lapping over the rocks. It is also probably one of the most spectacular sunset spots in all of Gozo. In the evening people gather to watch the natural spectacle, sometimes dancing, playing instruments and clapping to the setting sun. A fantastic experience.
It is worth staying two days in Gozo for this alone.
However, it is also worth visiting this place during the day. You will find many breathtaking sights in the surrounding area. Here are some that you simply cannot miss:

  • The Remains of Azure Window. When the Azzure Window collapsed in 2017, it was a very heartbreaking moment for many Maltese and Gozitans. A symbol and a real icon of Malta for many, which featured in several movies and TV series, including the famous Game of Thrones.
Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • The Inland Sea – a spectacular small bay surrounded by high cliffs and connected to the open sea by a cave. Several small boathouses can be found along the shoreline, housing the locals’ fishing boats. The tunnel is a popular diving location and you can take a boat trip through the cave, out to the open sea. In the summer you will find many visitors and locals enjoying this unusual beach formation. 
  • The Fungus Rock – Azzure Window was not the only arch which collapsed due to erosion. Fungus rock is the remaining stack left after the collapse of an arch that connected it to the mainland.
Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • Blue whole – a 10-meter wide inland sea pool is also one of the famous diving sites not only in Malta but also around the whole of the Mediterranean.

Ghantija Temples

Fancy stepping into the past? Visiting the Ghantija Temples in Gozo is a must. This Neolithic-era temple is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world dating back to 3600 BC which makes them older than the Pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge.

The fact that those were built more than 5500 years ago makes them the world’s second-oldest existing man-made religious structures

The temple’s name originates from a popular local myth saying that those temples were constructed by a gigantic race of people. Ġgantija means ‘Place of Giants’ in Maltese.

Some legends say that the skeleton of a man who was supposed to be almost 2.6 meters tall was discovered in this area yet the find never saw the light of day.

Another legend says that the megalithic temples were the work of the Atlanteans. Maybe Malta really was the lost Atlantis? I searched all the corners of the internet to see who actually built those temples, but didnt find an unequivocal opinion. This still remains a mystery.

Amazing Things to do in Malta / Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Ramla Bay and the Tal-Mixta Cave

Ramla Bay beach is the most famous and prominent beach on the island of Gozo. And for a good reason. Surrounded by green hills and caves it is a long stretch of red-golden sand sliding right into the clear blue water. The beach is safe for swimming and offers various attractions and amenities including restaurants and water sports. A fantastic place to relax and enjoy Gozitan seascapes.

This is where the famous Calypso cave is located. Legend has it that Gozo is Homer’s Island of Ogygia and the Calypso Cave is where the beautiful nymph Calypso kept Odysseus as a “prisoner of love” for seven years. The cave overlooks the whole of Ramla bay but unfortunately, it has now been closed due to the danger of it collapsing.

On the other end of the bay, however, you will find another famous cave which can be visited. One that hasn’t got a romantic story attached to it but offers equally astonishing views – Tal-Mixta Cave. One of the most famous Instagram spots in Gozo and Malta.

You can access the cave from the top and this is the most popular way. I have not seen anyone trying to climb up from the actual beach so if you are planning to drive or a quad bike, head towards the Triq I-Ghassa tal-Mahrag road. You can park 5 minutes away from the cave and then take the stairs down to the cave.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Off-the-beaten-path Beaches in Gozo

Malta has plenty of and a great variety of beaches and Gozo hosts some of the most beautiful ones.

Gozo has quite a few beaches spread across its coast. Some sandy, some rocky and some pebble as well as some hard to get to totally off-the-beaten-path beaches.

I will mention here the three of my favourite and in my opinion most picturesque and worth the trip. All three are located in deep valleys hence if you are planning to walk, get prepared for a bit of a steep hike. I walked to all of them. If this is scary for you or you are not a walker, you can drive as well, as all three have some parking spots nearby.

  • Dahlet Qorrot – It is a serene bay where you can relax and avoid crowds at the same time. There is a little pebbly beach however the bottom of the sea is sandy. On both sides of the actual beach, there are quaysides and rocks taking you straight into deep water. Popular among local fishermen it is also a great spot for snorkeling. Very picturesque and tranquil. Minimal facilities are on offer here yet there is a mobile bar and toilets. What more does one need for a perfect beach day 🙂
Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • San Blas – Even more beautiful than the latter. And much harder to get to giveen a very steep descent. The path to the beach is concrete however, it is so steep that a slow pace is recommended. Oh, and then you will have to come back up 🙂 But the climb is very much worth it!

It is a delightful bay offering red sand and pebble beach, dotted with boulders and picturesque rocks. Located in an unspoiled location, very off the beaten track it is the best location for snorkelling or summer picnics. There is a kiosk/bar on the beach but no other facilities are available.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • Mġarr ix-Xini – both of the above beaches are located on the north coast of Gozo while Mġarr ix-Xini can be found on another side of the island, near Mggarr. A narrow inlet flanked by rock is located in the south near Sannat. There is a small pebbly beach and along the sides of the bay are rocks from which you can swim or jump straight into deep water. Yet again, perfect swimming, snorkelling or diving location. This is a slightly more popular spot and you will find a few sun worshippers and bathers here as well as some facilities during the summer.

Mġarr Ix-Xini is where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shot their film ‘By the Sea’ and in 2015 the location was named by CNN as one of the top 10 places to visit before they are changed forever. So you better hurry up 🙂

Mġarr ix-Xini / Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • Hondoq ir-Rummien is no longer so much off the beaten track but is definitely worth a mention. It’s especially popular with Gozitans and is located below Qala on the south coast of Gozo with a breathtaking view of Comino.
    Hondoq ir-Rummien is located in a bay and has a small sand and pebble beach as well as jumping platforms, incredibly crystal clear waters and small caves at the water level making it an excellent diving and snorkelling spot.

You can hike there from Mgarr or arrive by car or quad as you can also find a small parking area there. From the top of the cliffs, you will be able to spot Comino’s Blue Lagoon.

It’s a small beach and I’d say it’s more suitable for a quick dip and snorkel rather than a full beach day. I made it a stop on a hot day while biking around the island, and as much as I enjoyed the swim, I was ready to leave after half an hour. Having said that, this is a great spot to inquire about water sports or kayaking and SUP trips.

Visiting all the Gozo beaches on a quad / Gozo Travel Guide
Visiting all the Gozo beaches on a quad / Gozo Travel Guide
Hiking from Nadur to Ramla Bay a year later / Gozo Travel Guide
Hiking from Nadur to Ramla Bay a year later / Gozo Travel

Gozo Agri-tourism / Best things to do in Gozo

Apart from the resorts and bays, Gozo also offers agri-tourism and a winery tour should be on your list of things to do in Gozo.

Many locals still live a very traditional lifestyle here and as you travel around you’ll see many small villages where time seems to have stood still. It might be a good idea to become part of this lifestyle for a few days, to unwind and forget the hassle and bustle of the outside world.

You can stay in a traditional farmhouse like Ta’ Happin Farmhouse or Tilmun Farmhouse where you will be able to enjoy fresh, farm-to-table meals, and a very slow pace of life while exploring the surrounding countryside or at times even lounging by the pool. Because why not!

Another option is a winery tour, where you will not only be able to learn how wine is produced but of course, also taste Maltese wine as well as locally grown olives and other products from the region.

The family-run Ta’ Mena Estate was one of the first agro-tourism centres in Malta, which started out by inviting people to pick their own fruit and vegetables. The Ta’ Mena Estate offers a comprehensive experience where guests are given a guided tour followed by a tasting of locally produced wine, antipasti and cheese.

Watersports / The best things to do in Gozo

The crystal clear waters of Gozo and its more laid-back vibe make for an excellent place to indulge in water sports and other activities. And there are plenty to choose from in Gozo. From pedal boating for beginners to relaxing kayak and paddleboard tours, to exciting jet skis, self-drive boats and speedboat tours, there is something for every water sports enthusiast.

Water sports centres can be found in all major resorts around Gozo, including Xlendi, Marsalforn, Hondoq ir-Rummien and Ramla Bay.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Hiking in Gozo

And finally? My favourite! 

Hiking in Malta is great and Gozo was always my favorite hiking spot.

You can visit any of the mentioned sights on foot and I recommend you do so. There are a number of marked walking trails all over the island. But I often just walked with Google Maps in hand, often even without. Gozo is a walker’s paradise and perhaps the best part of Malta for off-the-beaten-track wonders.

You can choose and pick from easy coastal walks, scenic cliff walks and longer cross-island hikes through remote villages and stone towns to secluded coves and hidden beaches. You can hike anywhere on Gozo, trust me! I set myself the goal of hiking the entire island, and I did it.

Always make sure you prepare well for the hike. Dont let the flat terrain and small areas fool you. In summer and even in the shoulder season, it gets very hot and sometimes the places where you can buy snacks and water are few and far between. Always carry a bottle of water and some snacks with you. Use sunscreen and a sun hat. Make sure you top up your phone with data and minutes so you can use google maps and make a call if needed. Download offline maps whenever you can.

Here are my favourite and most recommended hikes and walks:

  • Xlendi Bay to Sanap Cliffs or Mgarr to Xlendi via Sanap and Ta’ Cenc Cliffs. This hike can be done in either direction depending on your trip plan. You can start the hike in Mgarr after your arrival in Gozo and finish it in Xlendi, especially if you are staying overnight there. You can hike from Xlendi and return after stopping at the cliffs. In any case, this is one of the most stunning walks not only in Gozo but in the whole of Malta.

The entire route can be divided into smaller chunks or hiked as a whole in which case, it will take you around 3 hours. From Mgarr, head towards the Ta Cenc footpath which will take you to the Ta Cenc cliffs. If you want to carry on you will have to go past Sannat village to Sannat Sunset Viewpoint and then continue to Sanat Criffs. From there, Xlendi is just 20 minute of walk.

  • The second of my favourite hikes in Gozo is Marsalforn to Wied il-Mielah via Salt Pans and Wied il-Għasri. Again you can make it as long or as short as you want. If you are staying in Marsalforn you can walk to Salt Pans and back which is only 25 minutes of an easy walk. I would however suggest taking the whole length. If you can. After passing the salt pans you will be able to visit the stunning Wied il-Għasri, Big Cave and finally the Wied il-Mielah arch.

When I did this trek I continued to the mysterious village of Gharb and then all the way to Dwejra and collapsed Azure Window Point. This made for a long 4-hour hike, but very much rewarding and picturesque. On that day, I ended my trip there and took a taxi back to Victoria.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide
  • Finally, a less-known but stunning walk is what I call a beach crawl hike. From Nadur, you can walk to Dahlet Qorrot Beach, San Blas Beach, Ramla Bay or all 3. But if you decide on doing all 3, be prepared for a strenuous walk. You will have to walk down to each of the valleys (often via a pretty steep path) and then go back on yourself.

I did this in the middle of the summer and although it was incredible, it was very tiring once I arrived at Ramla I was done for the day. Or few. If you want to make it an easy walk choose the Nadur Valley to Ramla. Ramla Bay is one of the most beautiful bays and beaches in all of Malta so trust me, you won’t feel like you missed out.

Best things to do in Gozo Malta, Gozo Travel Guide

Thats all my friends!

This list of awesome things in Gozo, by all means, isn’t exhausting but if you decide to visit whether for a day or longer it should help you in planning your itinerary.

I hope you found the Gozo guide helpful and I convinced you that maybe it’s worth spending more than one day in Gozo. 

As always please let me know if you think I missed something and if you have any questions, comment below!

Untill then, happy travels!

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Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you travel during peak season. For the best prices check out or Hostelworld for the best hostel deals. 

Check how to get the ExplorePlus travel card here! It will give you Unlimited Travel for 7 days, 2 free trips on the Valletta Ferry from Sliema or the Three Cities, 2 free trips on the Tallinja Bike and a few sightseeing options.

Take a free walking tour in Valletta! It’s an amazing way to learn the history of the city and Malta as a whole!

Book your experience or a tour via Get Your Guide or Viator. Those are two of the most popular tour marketplace sites featuring the largest selection of experiences. 

Keep some cash on you. Although in bigger cities you will be able to pay by card in the majority of establishments there are still a few smaller, privately owned shops that will only accept cash. 

Check out the Malta events calendar here!

All the timetables you will ever need:

Valletta to Sliema Ferry

Gozo and Comin Ferry from Sliema / Hop On Hop Off

Gozo ferry from Cerkewwa

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