Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia has something for everyone and you will be surprised to learn that there are so many incredible places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience in Sarajevo, want to stroll the colourful Old bazaar of Mostar, hike in nature parks, enjoy water rafting, discover historic old towns and mysterious pyramids or just eat the best cevapi in the Balkans – I guarantee you will have an amazing time in Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will surprise you. A country of rich and dramatic history and vibrant culture is also one of the greenest countries I have ever visited.

There are many incredible attractions in Bosnia which are still very much out of the beaten path. Although many travellers just stop by Sarajevo and Mostar and move on to neighbouring Croatia or Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina is so much more than those two cities. 

In this article, you will learn about all the most incredible places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I urge you to dedicate more time to Bosnia.

Bosnia landscapes will take your breath away, and the kindness of people will warm your heart. It is still one of the most affordable countries to visit in Europe, but it’s growing fast as a tourist destination and travelling around Bosnia is very easy. 

Bosnia is also a very safe country to visit. I felt as safe walking around any place in Bosnia as I would at home, in Poland. You can get to many interesting sights and cities in Bosnia by bus or train often within a couple of hours so even if you cannot spend more time in the country you visit many beautiful places like Blagaj, Konjic or Jajce on a day trip too.

So if you decided to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina and looking for a complete list of the most amazing places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I got you covered.

19 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Of course, I had to start this list of the best places to visit in Bosnia with Sarajevo. It is not only the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is the one place in the country you simply cannot miss. 

In order to truly understand the culture and the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is a must!

The city is perhaps best known for its rich and diverse heritage, shaped by centuries of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Yugoslav influences. Known as the Jerusalem of Europe, Sarajevo is diverse, multicultural and vibrant. The city’s diverse religious landscape is evident in its numerous mosques, churches, and synagogues, showcasing its legacy as a place where different faiths coexist.

You will find multiple remnants of Sarajevo’s Ottoman past and the Old Town and Bazaar known as Bascarsija is just magical! Sarajevo is a place where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria took place which triggered the start of World War I. But also the city was an under the longest siege by Bosnian Serb forces which lasted nearly four years. This left deep scars on the city which are still visible until this day. 

This unique blend of cultures is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and way of life, making Sarajevo one of the most unique cities in Europe and probably the best things to do in Bosnia.

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Some of the most popular attractions in Sarajevo include:

  • Bascarsija – Old Town and Bazaar
  • Sebilj Fountain – An ornate wooden fountain and a true symbol of Sarajevo. Maybe one of the most famous fountains in this part of the world
  • Latin Bridge – A place of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand
  • Sarajevo War Tunnel (Tunnel of Hope) – An underground passage constructed during the Siege of Sarajevo to provide a lifeline for the city’s inhabitants.857
  • Yellow Fortress – The best sunset spot in Sarajevo
  • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque – One of Sarajevo’s most iconic landmarks
  • Sarajevo Cable Car and Trebević Mountain – Great way to enjoy nature and get a different perspective of Sarajevo

Are you wondering where to stay in Sarajevo? Read my complete guide to all the best areas and most recommended accommodation options in Sarajevo and if you are travelling on a budget, read this post about the 5 most epic hostels in Sarajevo


Mostar is the second most popular city to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina and my personal favourite. It is definitely a tight competition with Sarajevo as one of the best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I spent a total of 10 days in Mostar. Although at first, it doesn’t look like there are many things to do in Mostar apart from visiting the Mostar Bridge and an Old Town, there is much more to the town.

Mostar is located in the lush Herzegovina region and there are incredible day tours you could take from Mostar. The town itself is also a wonderful place to stay for a few days and relax. You will find plenty of great restaurants, bars and cafes, great shopping and a very relaxed, almost Mediterranean vibe. 

The Old Town itself is stunning. A true feast for the senses. I recommend staying for at least one night to soak in the evening atmosphere, have a meal in the riverside restaurant and see the bridge and the bazaar at night!

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most popular attractions in Mostar include:

  • Stari Most (Old Bridge) – The 16th-century Ottoman bridge and the most famous symbol of Mostar. The bridge was destroyed during the Bosnian War but was meticulously reconstructed, preserving its historical significance.
  • Old Bazaar (Bazar Kujundžiluk) – A bustling area filled with cobblestone streets, traditional shops, workshops, cafes, and restaurants. 
  • Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque – great for panoramic views of the Old Bridge and the surrounding area.
  • Museum of War and Genocide Victims – Offers insight into the tragic events of the Bosnian War, particularly focusing on the suffering endured by the people of Mostar.


Blagaj is a small town near Mostar, famous for the  Dervish Monastery – Blagaj Tekija built into the rock and situated at the source of the Buna River, It’s often visited as part of an organised tour that includes the Kravice waterfalls, Pocitelj and of course Blagaj – the so-called Herzegovina tour.

But you can also easily get to Blagaj by public transport. Blagaj is the best day trip from Mostar that can be done without the tour and is definitely worth visiting!

The Buna River itself is also quite unusual.  The source of the Buna River is a strong karst spring, which means that the river flows partially underground. Karst rivers often disappear underground and then reappear in different places. The water in these rivers is usually very clear and clean because it flows through the rocks and acts like a natural filter.

Blagaj Tekke (also called Tekija) was built over 600 years ago with elements of Ottoman architecture and in Mediterranean style and looks almost the same today as it did then.

It was the home of dervish monks, also known as Sufi dervishes, who belong to a mystical branch of Islam called Sufism. They’re known for their devotion to spirituality, their pursuit of inner experiences and their various forms of physical and spiritual discipline, but especially for the praise chanting and dervish whirling practised by the Mevlevi order in Turkey.

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Pocitelj is another very popular day trip from Mostar but it can also be visited on its own. 

Počitelj, a small stone village dating back to medieval times is often considered an open-air museum. Often referred to as an open-air museum, this town will transport you to the past. The village is situated on a hill and an ancient stone castle at the top offers a great panoramic view, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Fascinatingly, some of the historic stone houses are still inhabited to this day.

Počitelj can be easily seen in a couple of hours so if you drive you can combine it with visiting Blagaj or Kravice waterfalls or you can opt for a combined tour like this Herzegovina Tour. 

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls is one of the most popular places to visit in Bosnia, especially on a day tour from Mostar.

These falls, located about 40 kilometres away from Mostar, stand tall at an impressive 25 meters, creating a vast and serene pool that’s just perfect for unwinding and taking a dip.

The history of the Kravica Waterfalls is a story of millions of years, shaped by the complicated dance of tectonic shifts and the gradual rise of the limestone plateau through which the Trebizat River flows.

In summer, the water level drops, providing an inviting setting for a refreshing dip. It’s a common sight to witness visitors bringing along their picnic baskets and setting up camp for a whole day. The water in Kravica remains refreshingly cool and never exceeds 20 degrees. This is because the source of the river Krebizat, which feeds these waterfalls, is only 30 kilometres uphill.

The best way to visit Kravica is on an organised day tour but you can of course drive and spend a whole day at this spectacular Bosnia attraction.

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Although Konjic can be visited on a day tour from Mostar or Sarajevo, you can also spend a couple of days there especially if you are into adventure water sports. 

Konjic is slowly becoming the adventure capital of Herzegovina and is an intriguing destination well worth visiting.

Konjic is often visited for one very unique attraction: the Tito Nuclear Bunker. This bunker was built in secret between 1953 and 1979 with the purpose of safeguarding Yugoslavia’s esteemed leader, Tito, his family, and trusted allies during the nuclear war scare that followed his falling out with Stalin.

Although the Tito Bunker Guided Tour is a popular attraction for visitors, Konjic has much more to offer.

Konjic lives up to its image of an adventure destination and offers a variety of outdoor activities. White water rafting is a highlight in the area and the town offers numerous opportunities for adventure seekers. From trekking and cycling routes to canyoning and hydrospeed (rafting on a small board), adrenaline enthusiasts will find plenty to indulge in.

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka

Banja Luka was the first town I visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was an excellent introduction to the country. Often skipped by travellers, Banja Luka isn’t often added to the list of best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it should be. 

Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the capital of the entity Republika Srpska.

It lies on the banks of the river Vrbas and is an amazingly green city for its size. The parks and paths along the river are a true delight!

Banja Luka’s history reaches far back into the past, with traces of human settlement dating from ancient times to prehistoric times. Fascinatingly, despite its remarkable landmarks and attractions, the city remains untouched by tourism. It’s authentic and genuine.

If you’re looking for a great place to experience the everyday life of multicultural and multi-religious Bosnia and Herzegovina and learn about the history of the region in a city surrounded by the green, lush hills of Krajina region, Banja Luka is definitely worth visiting

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka features a few attractions and landmarks really worth visiting:

  • Kastel Fortress – A Fortress dating back to Roman times and offering a wonderful view of the city and the Vrbas River.
  • Christ the Savior Cathedral – Beautiful Serbian Orthodox cathedral. One of the largest in the Balkans.
  • Gospodska Street – The main pedestrian street of Banja Luka lined with shops, cafes, and historical buildings.
  • Ferhadija Mosque – A stunning piece of Islamic architecture and a testament to the city’s multi-religious history.
  • Vrbas River – With several parks and cafes along the riverfront, a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery


Jajce is a picturesque town located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is known for its rich history, stunning natural landscapes and unique architectural heritage. When I got off the bus in Jajce and looked around, I was totally mesmerised by the views and the surrounding landscapes!

The most popular attraction in Jajce and the main reason for many travellers to visit Jajce is the magnificent Pliva Waterfall. It is the only waterfall in the world located right in the centre of town. On a sunny day (or any day, really), the shimmering waterfall with the beautiful old town in the background provides a beautiful postcard-perfect view.

Jajce boasts a history that spans centuries and has played an important role in the region’s past.

The oldest monument found in Jajce, the Mithraeum, dates back to the 2nd century AD and a large mediaeval fortress overlooking the town was once the seat of the Bosnian kings.

The town’s most famous historical event is the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia in 1943, at which Josip Broz Tito announced the founding of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

But the real attraction of the city is the surrounding landscapes and the beautiful walks you can take.

Besides the Pliva Waterfall, there are many other natural wonders in the vicinity of the town, such as the nearby Pliva lakes or the historic water mills (Mlinčići).

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Travnik is a popular stopover on the way from Jajce to Sarajevo and can be also seen on a day trip from Bosnia’a capital.

Travnik, one of the oldest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known for its Ottoman-era architecture, natural beauty and rich history. Travnik is also the birthplace of Ivo Andrić, a Nobel Prize-winning writer.

The old town of Travnik is an enchanting labyrinth of narrow streets, houses from the Ottoman era, mosques and a hilltop fortress offering panoramic views. Travnik is one of the most charming places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the most interesting sights in Travnik is Travnik Castle, a 16th-century fortress that offers a breathtaking view of the city. It also houses a museum that exhibits artefacts from Travnik’s history.
In addition, the 16th-century Painted Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Bosnia and is renowned for its stunning colourfully pained interior.

Finally, Plava Voda, also known as “Blue Water”, is a charming spring that flows from beneath the castle. Along the water’s edge, you’ll find a handful of cafés and restaurants that attract both locals and tourists

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


If you are looking to explore the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina and truly immerse yourself in its culture, traditions and culinary delights, visiting the historic village of Lukomir is one of the best things to do in Bosnia.

Situated at an altitude of 1,500 metres above the second deepest canyon in Europe, Lukomir is one of the most remote mountain villages in the country, offering a window into a slower past that is still alive today. The people make a living from agriculture, sheep farming and now tourism. In winter they leave the place because of the heavy snow.

Lukomir is like a time capsule from the 1950s, where the villagers move seasonally for sheep and fields. Lukomir, which means “harbour of peace”, lives up to its name and is a quiet haven.

Moreover, its remoteness proved to be a saving grace in times of war, as it was considered strategically insignificant and thus spared from the ravages of conflict.

The most popular way to see Lukomir is by organised tour but you can also get there by car. You will have to drive to Umoljani and then hike the remaining part. You can even stay for the night in one of the homestays

Once there, you can learn about the canyon’s dragon legend, taste fresh oven-made pita, and see historical tombstones.

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The town of Stolac is most famous for being close to the medieval necropolis of Radimlja and the stećak tombstones.

These intricate and monumental tombstones dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries are a unique cultural treasure found only in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighbouring regions. With around 110 of these remarkable tombstones, Radimlja’s collection garnered UNESCO recognition, earning a spot on the prestigious World Heritage list in 2016 as part of the Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards.

But the town of Stolac is also very interesting and worth visiting. Stolac itself is a fascinating town, often described as an open-air museum. It has a number of historical treasures, such as the old town of Stolac with its medieval walls and ancient buildings, including the Begovina and the Husein Captan Mosque.

Besides its historical charm, Stolac is surrounded by breathtaking nature. The Bregava River flows gently through the town, and the majestic Dinaric Alps provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visoko and the Bosnian Pyramids

Visoko has gained worldwide attention because of the Bosnian Pyramid complex. This controversial archaeological site is considered by some to be ancient pyramids, possibly even older than their Egyptian counterparts. This discourse has sparked heated debate in the archaeological community, making Visoko an exceptional haven for those fascinated by unconventional theories.

Positioned around 35 kilometres north of Sarajevo, the town of Visoko is accessible through a 40-minute bus journey from the capital. If you are intrigued by the mysteries these lands hold, this could be a very interesting place to visit in Bosnia.


Medjugorje is a popular day trip for Mostar, mainly for religious reasons.

The town of Medjugorje has been a Catholic pilgrimage destination since 1981 when the apparition of the Virgin Mary supposedly took place in the town. Since then, Medjugorje has grown as a travel and pilgrimage destination and today there are many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in addition to the apparition site.

Medjugorje is a clean and well-kept town, quite different from other destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are not religious, you will find the visit to Medjugorje a bit strange. I would say that a trip to Medjugorje only makes sense if you are religious or a very curious person.

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Trebinje took me by surprise. After travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 weeks, I chose this city to slow down, catch up on my work and wrap up my Bosnia trip. It was an excellent choice and I had a great time in this picturesque city with a Mediterranean climate.

Trebinje is mostly known as the “City of Sun” because of its geographical location and you guessed it, sunny weather.

But Trebinje is also famous for its charming old town, proximity to lush vineyards and rich cultural and historical heritage. In fact, Trebinje is often called the prettiest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The old town of Trebinje is very charming and delightfully sleepy during the day. In the evening, however, it comes to life and makes the best backdrop for an evening meal.

You can also take a hike to the Hercegovačka Gračanica Monastery for the best view, or take a relaxing walk along the river.

This town is a real treat!

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Visegrad is best known for the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge, also known as the Visegrad Bridge. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the longest surviving Ottoman bridges and one of the most iconic landmarks of the region.

Visegrad is a mediaeval town located by the Drina River near the border with Serbia, where Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architectural influences mix. One of the best things to do in Visegrad is to hop on a river cruise, where you can admire the historical sights of Visegrad from different perspectives. Some say that this is one of the best things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visegrad is also famous for being the place where the film ” The Bridge on the Drina” was shot. The film is based on a book by Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, who was born in Visegrad. The story is about the town’s bridge and how it connects people’s lives over the years. The bridge in the film is the same as the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Visegrad.

Things to do in Visegrad:

  • Drina River – Stroll along or take a river cruise
  • The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge – One of the most famous bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Andricgrad – An artificial town created by film director Emir Kusturica. A unique cultural complex dedicated to Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andrić.
  • Ivo Andric House – A pink-coloured house and former childhood residence of the author.


Ok, if you want to visit the country for its stunning coastline, Bosnia probably wouldn’t be the first choice. Not even the second. But Bosnia has a 20 km coastline bordering Croatia, which is definitely off the beaten path, much more affordable and actually quite beautiful.

Neum is Bosnia’s only seaside town. I only passed by Neum, but I have to say I was pretty impressed. The town is situated on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and the coast and is very popular with the locals. There are many hotels, restaurants, shops and bars dotted along the small stretch of coastline, as well as many small rocky beaches.

If you are looking for an affordable base to explore the neighbouring Croatian coast, this could be your best choice!

Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bihac is known mainly as a getaway to the Una National Park, but the city itself is also very much worth visiting.

The centre of Bihac is quite small but pretty and is located on the bank of the Una River. Along the main pedestrian street of Bosanska, there are several cafes where locals enjoy sipping strong coffee.

Historically, Bihac was an important Ottoman Empire fortress to the west of the city and served as a launching point for Ottoman advances into the Croatian borderlands.
In Bihac there are some really interesting sights such as the beautiful Fethija Mosque or the Captain’s Tower – one of the oldest buildings in the town. 14 kilometres from Bihać is the Ostrožac fortress, a real historical jewel.

Finally, the Una River forms a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and is absolutely stunning. However, the best way to explore the natural beauty of the region is to head to…

Una National Park

Una National Park is the youngest of the three national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was established only in 2008. With its undeniable beauty and a range of activities and attractions, it is a prime natural destination in the country. The park boasts landscapes defined by clear rivers, ancient forests and rock formations, and is a true paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

The biggest attraction of Una National Park is Štrbački Buk waterfall, a breathtaking collection of cascades and falls. You can admire it from the viewing platforms or go swimming in the pools carved into the rock. This natural wonder is a photographer’s paradise and is known for being the tallest accessible waterfall in the park.

A notable area in the park is Martin Brod, located at the confluence of the Una and Unac rivers and aptly named ‘Marta’s Boat’. 

According to legend, the name honours a young woman named Marta, who suffered a tragedy while crossing the river to meet her lover on the opposite bank.

Within the park, you can also explore interesting archaeological sites such as the Sultan Ahmed I Mosque, the Serbian Orthodox Rmanj Monastery and the towering Ostrovica Fortress.

The park has an extensive network of hiking trails, but there is so much more you can do in the park. Apart from visiting the waterfalls, you can also enjoy whitewater rafting and kayaking, or even try fly fishing (only in designated areas), or visit Japodski Otoci, the ‘Japanese Islands,’ a collection of five islands connected by rivers and waterfalls.

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blidinje Nature Park

The Blidinje Nature Park is a beautiful protected area in the Dinaric Alps region and covers an area of about 364 square kilometres. The park is known for its diverse and untouched natural beauty, which makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and ecotourists.

Blidinje Nature Park boasts a diverse landscape with high mountains, deep valleys and glacial lakes like the incredible Lake Blidinje, but also with ancient ruins and traditional villages.

Among the most famous sights of the Blidinje Nature Park are Hajdučka Vrata, Lake Blidinje, and Stećci, mediaeval stones dating from between the 12th and 14th centuries.

I learned about the possibility of hiking in the Blidinje Nature Park only a day before I left Mostar, and I was gutted as it sounded like an amazing adventure. I met a few people who were planning a 2-day hike there and managed to find some official hiking trails on the Visit Blidinje website. You can also go biking or horseback riding in the park.

Amazing Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I hope you found this guide to the best places to visit in Bosnia helpful and it inspired you to see this incredible country. There are so many wonderful things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina that there is no doubt you will want to come back for more!

If you think I missed some awesome places or towns or just want to chat about Bosnia, please level comment below!

Until then, enjoy Bosnia and Herzegovina and happy travels!

Pati x

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