Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

9 Awesome Day Trips from Mostar and How to Get There (By Tour, Car or Public Transport)

In this article, you will find a list of all the awesome day trips from Mostar you can take no matter your budget or travel style. You will find day trips from Mostar that you can do by public transport, those that are only accessible by car or an organised tour, or those off the beaten path that you did not know existed.

Although many travellers only pass by Mostar and stay for a day or two, I got totally sucked in. I loved Mostar and stayed there for almost 2 weeks. It was not just the small-town atmosphere, which I love, and the super charming old bazaar that made me stay.

It was also the surprising amount of things to do in Mostar and the almost endless amount of day trips from Mostar one can take. Even after 2 weeks in Mostar, I still have a few places to explore, but I’ll leave those for when I return!

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

Some claim that Mostar is the most beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is hard to argue with that. I would add that the entire region of Herzegovina is simply breathtaking.

With its Mediterranean climate, lush nature, vineyards, lakes and turquoise rivers, the whole region of Herzegovina is magical and very much worth exploring.

So it would be a shame to visit Mostar and not visit any of the surrounding areas and small towns. Wouldn’t it?

The top and most popular day trips from Mostar include Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice Waterfalls and the first two, can be done by local bus! For Kravice Waterfalls you will have to consider an organised tour, taxi or rental car.

So if you only have time for one, definitely choose one of those 3.

But maybe you are looking for some more awesome day trips from Mostar or for more off-the-beaten-path trip ideas? Then for this and more details on the mentioned destinations, continue reading!

If you travel to Mostar from Sarajevo, be sure to take the train! This is one of the most spectacular train rides in Europe! I was told it was amazing, but it exceeded my expectations! Don’t miss it!

I spent a total of 10 days in Mostar and was really sad to leave. The city captivated me. Maybe there are just a few interesting things to do in Mostar itself, but there are many magical places to visit on a day trip and many adventures to have around Mostar and the whole region of Herzegovina.

So let me share with you all the perfect day trips from Mostar you can take including tips on how to get there.

Where to stay in Mostar:

There are plenty of great accommodation options in Mostar from budget hostels to boutique and luxury hotels.

One of the most popular hotels in Mostar is Hotel Mepas offering modern rooms and a spa centre. If you are looking for a more atmospheric stay in the heart of Mostar Old Town look no further than Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija.

For a slightly more affordable private hotel room, you could consider Villa Floris or Mostar Story.

If you are after a budget private room I couldn’t recommend Hostal FM enough. I had a wonderful couple of nights there and Martina was a superb host. 

For budget accommodation, there are quite a few renowned hostels in Mostar with Hostel Miran, Hostal Nina and Hostel Guesthouse Adi leading the way. 

Best Day Trips from Mostar You Can Take by Public Transport (-ish)


Blagaj is a small town near Mostar, famous for the Dervish Monastery (Blagaj Tekija) which is beautifully situated on the river. The monastery is built into the rock and situated at the source of the Buna River, which emerges from a cave at the base of a cliff.

The Buna River itself is also quite unusual. The source of the Buna River is a strong karst spring, which means that the river flows partly underground. Karst rivers often disappear underground and then reappear in different places. The water in these rivers is usually very clear and clean because it flows through the rocks and acts like a natural filter.

Blagaj is often visited as part of an organised tour that includes Kravice Waterfalls, Pocitelj and, of course, Blagaj – the so-called Herzegovina Tour.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

Blagaj is a wonderfully peaceful little town and only a short half-day trip away. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best and most popular day trips from Mostar.

In Blagaj you can of course visit the monastery ( 5KM or €10 fee), take endless photos of the river (trust me, you’ll want to!), relax in one of the riverside restaurants or even hike to Blagaj Fortress.

How to get to Blagaj: The most popular way to visit Blagaj is on a tour that combines Blagaj with a visit to the Pocitelj and Kravice Waterfalls. But you can also easily reach Blagaj by public transport (bus line 10 from Mostar), taxi or rental car. Blagaj is only 13km from Mostar.


Konjic, although still a less popular day trip from Mostar, is slowly becoming the adventure capital of Herzegovina and is an intriguing destination well worth visiting.

Easily accessible by train or bus when travelling from Sarajevo to Mostar, Konjic offers a unique attraction: the Tito Nuclear Bunker. This bunker was built in secret between 1953 and 1979 to protect Yugoslavia’s communist leader Tito, his family and close associates in case of nuclear war after he fell out with Stalin.

Although the Tito Bunker Tour is a popular attraction for tourists, Konjic has much more to offer.

Konjic lives up to its image as an adventure destination and offers a variety of outdoor activities. White water rafting is a highlight in the area and the town offers numerous opportunities for adventure seekers. From trekking and cycling routes to canyoning and hydrospeed (rafting on a small board), adrenaline enthusiasts will find plenty to indulge in.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

If you would like to book an adventure in Konjic you can do so on Visit Konjic website.

Other Konjic attractions include Lake Boračko, known as the “mountain eye of Herzegovina,” which is another must-see in Konjic. Additionally, in close proximity lies Lukomir, the last traditional Bosnian mountain village, nestled at an altitude of 1495 m above sea level. Preserving its age-old lifestyle, Lukomir offers a magical and authentic atmosphere, accessible by foot or bike, and provides a glimpse into a bygone era.

How to get to Konjic: You can easily get to Konjic by train (recommended) or bus either from Mostar or Sarajevo. 

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Pocitelj is another very popular day trip from Mostar which is also a part of the Kravice Waterfall combined tour. 

I was on a mission to visit all the Herzegovina Tour destinations independently and by public transport, and Pocitelj was a half-success.  Read on to find out why.

Počitelj is a small stone village dating back to medieval times often considered an open-air museum. A visit to Počitelj is one of the best day trips from Mostar. The town itself is situated on a hill with a mediaeval stone castle overlooking everything and surrounded by spectacular scenery. Interestingly, some of the stone houses are still inhabited today

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

Počitelj is currently on the Tentative List for the World Heritage Register of UNESCO.

How to get to Počitelj: The town is relatively small, so you only need a few hours to explore the entire mediaeval part. That’s why many travellers opt for an organised excursion that combines Pocitelj with Blagaj and the Kravice waterfalls.

If you want to visit Pocitelj on your own, you have 3 options. You can drive, if you have a car, or take a taxi, which will cost you about 60 km, so it’s only worth it if you share the ride.

There’s also a train you can take to the town of Caplina. The taxi from Caplina to Pocitelj costs 6KM and that’s the way I got there. The only issue is that the train from Caplina to Mostar doesn’t leave until around 5 pm, so you have a lot of time you can’t use, which would be quite a waste. As a solution, I found a companion in my hostel for the ride to Pocitelj and we shared the return taxi from Pocitelj to Mostar, for €30Km so the whole trip cost 35KM($20) for each of us including the train ride.


Drežnica came to me as a total surprise. I had already wanted to visit this area when I saw it out of the train window on my way from Sarajevo to Mostar. This and Jablanica, which I’ll talk about a little later.

Drežnica is a small village situated where the River Drezanka meets Neretva, forming a beautiful landscape. The train from Sarajevo passes by here and the railway spans the river, which makes the area even more scenic.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

It wasn’t easy to figure out how to visit this place, as it’s mostly visited by passers-by going to Mostar. But there is a train station, (of sorts) so there must be something there, I thought.

After some research and asking numerous FB travel groups, I got the name of Dino from Visit Dreznica homestay and off I went.
The area is worth seeing mainly for the view. If you don’t want to spend half the day just admiring the emerald and turquoise river and mountains, you don’t need to go to Drežnica.

But if you are a nature lover, you can stop there, have a yummy trout and the Riblji restaurant and even stay the night at Visit Dreznica where you can chill, take boat rides and without a doubt be very well taken care of by Dino and his family.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

How to get to Drežnica: If you are planning on visiting Drežnica without the car I actually recommend taking a bus from Mostar. The bus will take you all the way to the actual ‘village’ where you will also find a little river beach. When you get on the bus say you are going to the Motel. But you can also arrive by train and just walk. If you are planning to stay at Visit Dreznica then get off by the bridge.


I wasn’t sure if I should include Medjugorje in this list of best day trips from Mostar as this is a very specific destination. 

Medjugorje is a popular day trip for Mostar, mainly for religious reasons.

The town of Medjugorje has been a Catholic pilgrimage destination since 1981 when the apparition of the Virgin Mary supposedly took place in the town. Since then, Medjugorje has grown as a travel and pilgrimage destination and today there are many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in addition to the apparition site.

Medjugorje is a clean and well-kept town, quite different from other destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are not religious, you will find the visit to Medjugorje a bit strange. I would say that a trip to Medjugorje only makes sense if you are religious or a very curious person.

How to get to Medjugorje: The best way to get get to Medjugorje is either by organised tour or a taxi. The only way to get there by bus is by changing to Vrgorac.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

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Exploring more of off-the-beaten-path Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Be sure to stop by the wonderful town of Jajce! And the town of Trebinje will definitely surprise you!

And if you are wondering if Banja Luka is worth visiting, read this post!

Stolac and Radimlja

Stolac is an off-the-beaten-track day trip from Mostar, but definitely worth visiting. The town of Stolac is most famous for being close to the medieval necropolis of Radimlja and the stećak tombstones.

These intricate and monumental tombstones dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries are a unique cultural treasure found only in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighbouring regions. With around 110 of these remarkable tombstones, Radimlja’s collection garnered UNESCO recognition, earning a spot on the prestigious World Heritage list in 2016 as part of the Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards.

However, the town of Stolac is also very interesting and worth visiting. Stolac itself is a fascinating town, often described as an open-air museum. It boasts a bunch of historical treasures, such as the old town of Stolac with its medieval walls and ancient buildings, including the Begovina and the Husein Captan Mosque.

Beyond its historical charm, Stolac is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The Bregava River flows gently through the town, and the majestic Dinaric Alps offer a breathtaking backdrop.

How to get to Stolac: There are several buses to Stolac that depart from Mostar’s east bus station. Once you arrive in Stolac, you can explore the town, which is a great trip in itself. If you want to visit Radimlja, you can either walk or take a taxi there. I always recommend arranging a return taxi when in Bosnia, as it’s not common to hail one on the street and there are no ride-sharing apps.


This is another of the lesser-known day trips from Mostar, but a very interesting and picturesque one at the same time.

It is definitely a day trip from Mostar, which, unless you are driving, is a bit of a challenge logistically, but definitely doable and worth the effort.

I found Jablanica interesting for two reasons. First, I really wanted to see the beautiful Lake Jablanica, which proved to be a bit difficult without a car. But the actual town of Jablanica seemed quite interesting to me as well.

The town of Jablanica is known for its role in the historic Battle of the Neretva River. During World War II, Yugoslav partisans led by Joseph Tito used a clever strategy to blow up the bridge in Jablanica to distract Nazi forces during a battle. This allowed the partisans to cross the Neretva River.

The bridge was later repaired but was destroyed again in 1969 during the filming of the movie “Battle of Neretva”, which featured a large battalion of the Yugoslav Army and real Soviet tanks.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

Today, the remains of the original bridge, along with a train used in the movie, serve as a popular tourist attraction. You can access a viewing platform to observe the bridge remnants up close.

But for me, the real attraction of the area is Lake Jablanica. It’s an incredible emerald-green lake nestled in the middle of the mountains.

There are not many ways to visit Lake Jablanica. The area around the lake is not developed for tourism, which was an additional challenge and appeal for me. In fact, it is only visited by locals or people driving by, as you can stop at a few lakeside restaurants on the way to Mostar or Sarajevo.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

If you decide to head towards Jablanica Lake I recommend stopping at Restoran Panorama for lunch, a refreshing drink and spectacular views. Afterwards, I took a walk toward what seemed to be a small local beach. I was definitely an odd one out there, you do not see many tourists there, if any. There is a small cafe on the beach and a shop called Merak Tours & Adventures Boat Trips where you can rent a boat. Cute little place.

How to get to Jablanica: The best way to get to Jablanica is by car or bus from Mostar East Station. However, if you want to see the lake itself, you will have to take a taxi from Jablanica for 6KM or hitchhike.

 I recommend arranging a return pick-up with your taxi driver. I asked the driver to drop me at the Panorama Restaurant and arranged for him to collect me from the same place after 2 hours. 

You cannot walk from Jablanica to the lake, trust me I tried. It’s a fast road going through a couple of dark tunnels, walking along which would be dangerous.

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Best Day Trips from Mostar Only by Car or Tour

Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls is the most popular of all the day trips from Mostar and for a good reason. 

Situated 40 kilometres away from Mostar, the Kravice Waterfalls, towering at an impressive height of 25 metres form a wide and tranquil pool making it an ideal spot to relax and swim.
The origin of the Kravica waterfalls dates back millions of years and was formed by tectonic movements and the uplift of the limestone plateau through which the Trebizat River flows.

In the summer season, the water level is lower and perfect for a refreshing swim. Many visitors bring a picnic and stay here for a whole day. The water temperature in Kravica never rises above 20 degrees as the source of the river Krebizat, which feeds the waterfalls, is only 30 kilometres uphill. However, in the hot summer months, the cool water is a welcome and refreshing change for anyone seeking refuge from the heat.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar

In the summer, a temporary footbridge is often constructed, allowing people to get up close to the falls without having to swim. There are also a few restaurants on site. You can also visit Kravice in winter, but then there are no restaurants and of course, it is too cold for swimming!

How to get to Kravice Waterfalls: Unfortunately, there is no way to get to Kravice Waterfalls without a tour or without a car. I read that it might be possible to rent a bike in Caplina or Ljubuški and bike there, but I did not meet anyone who did that and I did not do it either.

The most popular way to get to Kravice Waterfalls is to join a tour like this one from Mostar or even from Dubrovnik or Split.
Of course, you can also rent a car or opt for a taxi.

Blidinje Nature Park

The Blidinje Nature Park is a beautiful protected area in the Dinaric Alps region and covers an area of about 364 square kilometres. The park is known for its diverse and untouched natural beauty, which makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and ecotourists.

Blidinje Nature Park boasts a diverse landscape with high mountains, deep valleys and glacial lakes like the incredible Lake Blidinje, but also with ancient ruins and traditional villages.

Among the most famous sights of the Blidinje Nature Park are Hajdučka Vrata, Lake Blidinje, and Stećci, mediaeval stones dating from between the 12th and 14th centuries.

I learned about the possibility of hiking in the Blidinje Nature Park only a day before I left Mostar, and I was gutted as it sounded like an amazing adventure. I met a few people who were planning a 2-day hike there and managed to find some official hiking trails on the Visit Blidinje website. You can also go biking or horseback riding in the park.

How to get to Blidinje Nature Park: The only way to reach Blidinje Nature Park is by car or organised tour.

Best Tours and Day Trips from Mostar


Of course, you can get to Dubrovnik by bus but if you want to see it on a day trip from Mostar then I don’t recommend doing it by bus. 

The bus takes between 4 to 6 hours depending on stops and traffic so making it a return day trip would be tiring and simply pointless. There are however tours you can take to see Dubrovnik in a day and you can easily get the by car in under 3 hours. 

But my actual recommendation is to travel to Dubrovnik and stay a few nights. Because it’s just an amazing place 

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If you like going off the beaten path then maybe you should consider visiting Banja Luka or Jajce!

Finally, be sure to visit one of my favourite cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the sunny Trebinje!

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