Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

My Complete Trebinje Travel Guide – A Hidden Gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this Trebinje Travel Guide, you will learn why Trebinje is worth visiting for more than just one day and find out what are the best things to do in Trebinje, the charming hidden gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trebinje took me by surprise. After travelling around Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 weeks, I chose this city to slow down, catch up on work, and wrap up my Bosnia trip. What an excellent choice this was.

I didn’t expect to find such a charming old town within the historic walls of Trebinje, and the beautiful surroundings stole my heart. Slow, and sleepy at times, Trebinje was a nice change from the hectic streets of Mostar. Don’t get me wrong, Mostar was a glorious town to stay in, but I was ready for Trebinje, and it came at the right time.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Trebinje, the southernmost city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is located in the valley of the Trebišnjica River in my favourite region of Herzegovina – a lush country of wine, breathtaking nature and Mediterranean weather.

A visit to Trebinje should be on everyone’s itinerary. Especially for those who want to get a full picture of the wonderful Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is so diverse in terms of nature and culture. In this post, I will list all the wonderful Trebinje attractions and provide you with everything you need to know for the most wonderful stay.

What is Trebinje Known For?

Trebinje is mostly known for being “ the “City of the Sun” due to its geographical location and, you guessed it, sunny weather.

But Trebinje is also famous for its charming old town, close proximity to lush vineyards, as well as rich cultural and historical heritage. In fact, Trebinje is often called the most beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is Trebinje Worth Visiting?

For travellers who want to explore the whole culturally and environmentally diverse country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trebinje is a must. There are more things to do in Trebinje than one would expect at first, and with its stunning surroundings, affordable prices, famous hospitality and cuisine, Trebinje is definitely worth a visit.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

How to Get to Trebinje

The best way of getting to Trebinje by public transport is by taking a bus from Mostar. If you are travelling from Montenegro, there are direct bus connections to Trebinje from many cities in Montenegro such as Herceg Novi, Kotor, Budva, Bar and even Ulcinj.

There are no direct buses to Trebinje from Croatia.  Although some websites claim that there are buses between Dubrovnik and Trebinje, I learned the hard way that this is not true.

I had to take an emergency flight back home from Dubrovnik, while in Trebinje and I was very firmly informed at the bus station that there were no buses to Dubrovnik and that I had to go via Mostar or Montenegro.

If you drive, however, you can easily reach Trebinje from Dubrovnik in less than an hour.

Where to Stay in Trebinje

You should definitely consider staying for a night or two in Trebinje and there is plenty of great accommodation options in town.

I recommend booking a room or apartment in one of the homestays for a complete experience. You can rent a lovely apartment with a terrace in the town centre like Tara or Apartments Tila for as little as €15 per night. I stayed at GM Apartment which is slightly outside of the centre but the price was unbeatable and the size of the apartment as well as the wifi were excellent. 

If you prefer something more modern you can consider staying at Apartman PORTO with access to the pool or at Kathisma Trebinje

Finally, if you prefer staying in the hotel, Platani Hotel offers an unbeatable location and Integra Hotel located within the old town is just beautiful. 

Things to Do in Trebinje

Although I didn’t visit Trebinje in order to tick off the items from the Trebinje must-see list, I still managed to explore quite a bit and discover some surprising hidden gems. 

There are a couple of places you shouldn’t miss in Trebinje but if you just give in to the town and stroll around, you will be equally satisfied. Trebinje is just a town like this. But if you are an active traveller and want to dig deep into the town, here is a list of all the awesome things to do in Trebinje.

Discover the Old Town / Best thing to do in Trebinje

This was the biggest surprise for me. I was lucky to have walked into the walled old town of Trebinje quite early in the day, and I was truly mesmerised.

They say it is the prettiest old town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I will not argue with that.

The old town of Trebinje is quite small but packs a lot of charm into its small size. Beautiful stone houses, cobbled streets, houses of prayer and lovely nooks and crannies are very charming and photogenic. Even the restaurants and bars seemed to adopt the magical theme.

During the day, the old town of Trebinje is pretty sleepy, which did not bother me at all. But in the afternoon and evening, it comes to life when many restaurants and bars are open. Strolling through the streets of the old town is definitely one of the best things to do in Trebinje.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Slow Down at the Trg Slobode Square

When you arrive in Trebinje, you inevitably come across Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) and the adjacent Jovana Dučića streets, where I enjoyed hanging out and having my morning coffee.

There are a few cafes and restaurants around Freedom Square and a small local market during the day. On Jovana Dučića you should not miss one of the prettiest water fountains I have seen in Bosnia.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje
Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Pop Into the Hercegovina Museum

This small but very interesting museum has few permanent exhibitions. It showcases Eastern Herzegovina’s history, as well as some local art, and archaeological findings as well as displays showcasing the life and culture of Serbs in East Herzegovina.

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Stroll by the River Towards Arslanagić Bridge

Time to venture a bit out of the city centre and take a walk along the Trebišnjica River. The promenade on both sides of the river invites you for a pleasant afternoon stroll, and as you approach the Arslanagić Bridge you will notice the surrounding mountains and the change of scenery.

Almost every town I have visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina has its historical/iconic bridge, and Trebinje is no different. Arslanagić Bridge is the third iconic bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina (after Mostar Bridge and Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad), and there is something very mysterious about it.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje
Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Climb to Hercegovačka Gračanica for the Best Sunset Views

The Hercegovačka Gračanica Monastery stared at me from the top of the hill from the day I arrived in Trebinje. I arrived after dark and could not help but notice it. The next day, as I strolled toward the centre of town in 40-degree heat, I looked up again and knew I just had to go up and visit. Heat or no heat.

I am so glad I did! Hercegovačka Gračanica is a breathtaking sight! Both inside and out! I visited a few Serbian Orthodox churches during my stay in Bosnia, and I always found them beautifully decorated. Hercegovačka Gračanica is no deffernt.

But the whole top of the hill is absolutely wonderful. The walk up there is not as bad as it looks at first, in fact, it is quite pleasant. Once you get to the top, you will be greeted by a beautiful garden, a nice little cafe, and a gorgeous panoramic view! It is definitely one of the best things to do in Trebinje.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje
Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Take a Dip at the City (River) Pool – Bazen Bregovi

As I sat in the café on the Hercegovačka Gračanica admiring the view of the city, I noticed something in the distance that looked like some kind of river island, so I decided to go there and discover it.

To my surprise, when I got there (on a very hot day!), I found an urban bathing island formed from the riverbank (with fresh river water pumped into it) and locals taking a refreshing dip and enjoying the sun in deck chairs!

I am pretty sure I was the only tourist there! It’s a great place to cool off on a hot day, so if you visit Trebinje in the summer, be sure to stop by.

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Relax at the Gradski park

The small Gradski Park (or Park Trebinje) is a pretty interesting attraction in Trebinje. The park itself is very pleasant and a really nice place to hide away from the sun. But this is also where you will find the “I Love Trebinje” sign (yes, they have it too!) as well as the Cathedral Temple of Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord, which is worth a visit if you like beautiful churches.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Enjoy Wine Tasting / One of the Best Things to do in Trebinje

Trebinje is located in the heart of the Herzegovinian wine country so one of the best things to do in Trebinje is sampling the local wine.

Not far from the city centre is Vinarija Vukoje, a beautiful wine bar and restaurant where you can taste the local wines and also eat very well. Here you can taste some of the best wines of Herzegovina, accompanied by a breathtaking view.

On the other hand, in the cellars of the Tvrdoš Monastery, the award-winning wine is made by the monks. The monastery is worth a visit not only for wine connoisseurs. It is a beautiful Orthodox monastery located about 5 km outside the town. You can visit the church and the wine cellars, where wine tastings are offered.

Please note that when visiting the church grounds, your legs and shoulders should be covered. However, the shawls are available at the entrance but if you are only visiting the wine cellars, it is not necessary.

Travel Guide to Trebinje / Things to do in Trebinje

Tips and Useful Info for Visiting Trebinje

How long should you stay in Trebinje?

The centre of Trebinje is very walkable, and although you can see all the most important Trebinje attractions in one day (even in a couple of hours), I recommend spending at least 2 days in Trebinje. Trebinje is such a charming, laid back and beautiful town that you will not regret stopping in for a little longer.

But if you only have time for a day trip to Trebinje, by all means, visit this lovely city anyway!

Can you drink tap water in Trebinje?

You can drink the tap water in Trebinje, which is also true for the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are also some water fountains in the town so bring your reusable water bottle!

Is Trebinje safe to visit?

Trebinje, just like the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is very safe for any type of traveller to visit. As a solo female traveller, I never felt in any kind of danger and often walked to my accommodation after dark. Of course, nowhere is safe for those who do not use common sense, but Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Trebinje, was one of the safest places I have ever visited.

I loved Trebinje so much that I can see myself coming back for more. So put Trebinje on your Bosnia and Herzegovina travel itinerary and if you do, please let me know how did your visit go!

Until then, happy travels!


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