Weekly Bite #13 - People

Weekly Bite #13 – People

As I travel for longer and further from what used to be home once, I have learnt to make a little bit of home everywhere I go and stay, even if just for a little bit.

As I made Palomino my home for a week, I allowed myself to be a little contemplative and look into how many people have passed through my life since I left and the impact they have made on my journey.

Meeting people while travelling full time can be so many things. Amazing, inspiring, surprising, upsetting, sad and happy. There is always a hello, followed by an inevitable goodby.

Every person I have met so far enriched my journey. And I am talking about people that I have actually spent time with. Shared conversations, food, evening chats in the hostel, parties and discovery trips.

Friends I met who made me realize that there are more of us – travellers, soul searchers, explorers, and thinkers. People who entered my life for a brief moment to make me realize there is still a lot of work to do. The inner work.

From a friend who reads to me his dreams about both human need to live the best life and the limitations their country imposes on them, to people from distant cities who showed me nothing less than kindness. From strangers offering me their home when I visit their town to the random family from Medellin exchanging the phone numbers on the beach in order to meet once I have finally arrived there (this road seems to be taking a really long time, hahaha).

American dude who spent hours talking to me about socialism, anarchy and all sorts of things I love talking about. People who touched the strings that have not been touched for a very long time, only because I would not allow it. Now I know nothing will ever get better, and no healing can be done without allowing vulnerability into our life. This is how we learn. This is how we become a better, stronger and healthier version of ourselves.

People who made me laugh, people who ensured me how much I like in my own company and those whose company reminded me how important human connection is. People whose names I will soon forget, and those whose names I will remember forever.

I would have never been exposed to those experiences if I didn’t walk out of my house with one bag and no plan B. If I kept postponing this decision for longer and waited for a perfect moment, which would probably never arrive.

To all of you, thank you. To this journey, thank you. I will return home a different person. If I ever return. Maybe I will finally arrive 🙂

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