Pati's Weekly Bite

Pati’s Weekly Bite 2 – This thing got real!

This week after I repacked my bag for the millionth time and moved to a new location, it really sunk in. I am a full-time traveller now.

And with that comes the biggest challenge of all – packing, repacking and moving around with the bag (or two).

And if this was a test – I would have failed.

I was preparing for this trip for a very long time. Watched endless ‘packing for around the World trip’ videos, made a really long packing list and then packed and repacked numerous times. Just to realise there is no way I will fit it all in. But instead of trying to go lighter… I bought a bigger day bag.


My actual backpack is perfect, and it comes with a detachable day bag. And this should be enough for comfortable travelling around. The additional day bag in the form of a 28 l NorthFace backpack is a disaster. I feel like a camel, I can hardly move from one place to another, and my day bag carries all my electronics, so it’s proper heavy as well.

So as I have just arrived in beautiful and peaceful Machico, I decided to get rid of that new flashy day bag had literally purchased 3 weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong! This is an awesome bag! But not fit for this particular purpose.

But hey, this is the journey. We learn and adjust.

But the heartbreaking part is- that quite a few things have to go with the bag. Meaning clothes 🙁

And the decision is hard! The nice long skirt that I really like but takes so much space that I could fit two cosmetic bags instead. And yes, two cosmetic bags? No way – one will have to go as well. It’s heartbreaking, but it has to be done. If I want to travel comfortably, be able to move around freely and easily, no way I can do it with this amount of stuff.

The 'day bag' is more than half the size of the main bag! That's how I arrived in Madeira.
The ‘day bag’ is more than half the size of the main bag! That’s how I arrived in Madeira.

I’m staying in Machico for the next 10 days to do some hiking, writing and a little bit of sunbathing – because I deserve it! And by the end of this stay, a pretty Northface bag stuffed with some clothes will get sent back home to my mom’s. Who already holds a tone of my things which I will probably never need again, lol.

But I feel optimistic about it. I always wanted to learn to live minimally, and if nothing else, this journey will teach me that for sure.

Once I am down to the size and amount of things I can handle and travel comfortably with, I will definitely make a separate detailed post about it. For those interested in travelling light. Hhmm… semi-light – I don’t think I will ever be able to go carry on only, although I am very envious of those who can.

For now – I have arrived in the small town of Machico on a northwestern part of the island known for one of the very few golden sandy beaches in Madeira. Which I am really excited to test later this week. This is primarily a great hiking area, and I am eager to explore and take loads of photographs. They’re not as many distractions in Machico as there were in Funchal, so I will also be able to add couple more post in next 10 days. Wish me good luck 🙂

For now, with all this packing and moving around shenanigans – this whole full-time travelling thing got real.

I’m already planning my next destination, but it’s too early to say. For now – more Madeira posts coming up!

Speak to you next week 🙂

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