Pati’s Weekly Bite #27 A Different Type of Story

Pati’s Weekly Bite # 27 – A different Type of Story

This time I would like to share something different with you.

A story. Not my own story for a change. I guess you’ve had enough of those.

A story of an incredible woman.

When I first learned about her, it not only amazed me but changed the way I look at many things, if not to say, to some extent it changed my life.

She was born in 1880. At 19 months of age, after a serious illness, she lost her sight and hearing.

Now, imagine you have never heard or seen anything in your life, you don’t know what colour is, what music sounds like, you have never seen a human face.

What are your dreams like when everything you see has been created by your imagination?

Do you hear sounds in your thoughts when you’ve never heard them through your senses?

And then how do you learn to communicate when you have never heard a spoken word or seen it written down.

The only sense you have left is touch.

And your heart.

And your mind.

This is something that is still the most flabbergasting and heartbreaking thing for me.

And then you have Helen Keller.

As a child she was referred to a remarkable teacher who taught her to feel objects and connect them to words fed by finger marks on her palm, to read phrases by feeling words raised on cardboard, and to make her own sentences by arranging words in a frame.

She then continued her education and not only managed to communicate in the most profound way. But she also went on to study, she gave lectures and became an author of multiple books and publications. She was a political and social activist and a wild, restless soul.

She travelled to 35 countries on five continents. She met with world leaders and personalities such as Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein.

Helen Keller was an extraordinary human.
Helen Keller was a woman, a person who redefined what a person could do with what she had.

Every time my crazy mind comes up with an excuse that I cannot do something, I remember her. I remember Hellen Keller.

There are no excuses. There is nothing stopping you from becoming who you would like to be, apart from yourself.

Have a great, rich, productive and profound summer, my friends.

Stay free!

Pati’s Weekly Bite #27 A Different Type of Story

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