Pati’s Weekly Bite – Week 1 / Back to the drawing board

This morning I woke up early and walked out of my room to the terrace to check the weather. (No, it’s not a posh room with a patio, its a hostel room that luckily is attached to a long shared terrace 🙂 )

I stood out and breathed in the fresh air. Madeira is a peaceful island at this time of the day. At least in Funchal’s Old Town area.

I thought about all the worries and anxiety that hit me in the last two days. Not for a second, I doubt I made the right decision. But I worry a lot about for how long I can sustain this lifestyle.

I looked up and saw the trees and a blue sky. Balconies of some residents I don’t know and will never meet. An older gentleman, ironing his shirt for the day. Birds are singing really loud. And I’m standing here, breathing in the fresh air, free. I felt lucky. And grateful.

Every country has its own feel, smell, the sensation it gives to my core. Maybe I’m the only person feeling it this way (weirdo), but I do. I mostly remember a country by the feeling it gave me.

I haven’t figured out Madeira yet; how could I? Although it’s just an island, there is a great vastness of incredible nature to discover. Mountains, hiking trails and levadas, beaches and cliffs. I can’t wait! People are genuinely friendly. Kind and warm. Food is fresh and delicious. And wine? hmm, what can I say….

It’s funny how different everything looks once the anxiety unveils your eyes. It is literally a paradigm-changing experience.

Yesterday I went for a steep walk towards the Botanical Garden in Funchal. And when I finally got to the top, I realised that I did not think much about my worries while climbing up.

Life should be like hiking.

Step one foot in front of another. Move forward, regardless of the speed. Breath in the surroundings and enjoy the experience. Appreciate the views. Don’t worry too much. Whether you get there or not – the journey is what matters.

Would you like me to explain this post? Why a new format of Pati’s Weekly Bite?

I slightly lost sight of why I have started this column in the first place. Pati’s Weekly Bite became a place to post very random blogs, titles that didn’t fit anywhere else. And this is not why I created it in the first place. I wanted this to be the personal part of this blog – weekly stories, thoughts, adventures, reflections. Real stuff. Not a post to fill the gap.

So I decided to go back to the drawing board – and start afresh with Pati’s Weekly Bite – Week 1.

Now that I’m travelling full time, I will have more stories to share and filling this space shouldn’t be difficult.

So come back here every week to see how things are going.

For now, have a wonderful week filled with joy and positivity, and I will speak to you next week 🙂

Here are some shots from my first week in Funchal, Madeira:

Outside space in front of my room 🙂
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal
Incredible Botanic Garden of Funchal

Funchal’s Old Town is famous for its painted doors:

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